10 Hours of Fast Payday Loans for Federal Employees with Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank

Paying house rent, medical bills, housekeeping, project or personal expenses can be quite a daunting task for a federal public servant these days. Sometimes it feels like climbing a mountain without shoes.

Generally, this could be caused by the record inflation rate of 17.33% in Nigeria. While wages and salaries are busy getting comfortable at their current level of, we don’t get up, we die here.

It is expected with the high inflation rate; the cost of paying bills will also increase in direct proportion to inflation. At some point, as a federal public servant, your salaries will no longer be enough to cover your bills or provide you with a good standard of living. Then you sink into debt, embarrassment, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and bad financial decisions.

But you don’t have to come to that.

Now you can get a 10 hour quick payday loan of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank Limited without guarantee. Yes! You do not need collateral to access a payday loan from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank.

If you are looking for fast payday loans to offset your child’s college tuition, pay your rent, settle unpaid medical bills, finance your business, or meet project expenses as a federal public servant, then Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank Limited is your hero in meeting and exceeding your financial expectations.

You can access payday loan from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank for loans in Abuja and from anywhere in Nigeria. The best part of it, 10 hours or less is all you need to receive your money in the bank account of your choice.

Sounds good, right?

How to access a payday loan from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank:

  1. You must be a federal civil servant.
  2. You must have a workplace ID card or a letter of employment.
  3. Your recent photo ID.
  4. Your last payslip.
  5. You must be under IPPIS.

If all these requirements are checked, it is easy to access a payday loan from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank.

Visit www.mutualtrustmfb.com/loans-offered to begin your amazing journey with us.

Call us on: 09095444887, 09095444886 or WhatsApp: 08037137159, 07067321724

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