13 police officers found positive for drugs in East Java

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The East Java Regional Police Propaganda Supply continues to enforce discipline on its members. A total of 8 police officers tested positive for the drug.

Details of 8 members who tested positive for drugs, namely Sukodono, 3 police members from Sidorajo and 5 other police members from Sukomanungal sector.

East Java Police Public Relations Chief Koombes Diramanto said that according to the results of investigation by East Java Police Propam Bid, three members of Sukodono Police namely AKP KT , Aptu YH and Aptu B, were classified as serious breaches of the code of conduct.

“The title is carried by the profession and the security sector of the East Java Police directly headed by the head of Propam, then from the results of the title, it was said that three people, one AKP and 2 Aptu , have been declared. Serious violations of the code of conduct,” said Dirmanto on Sunday (28/8/2022).

In addition, in accordance with the mechanism of PERPOL No. 7 of 2022, a preliminary examination will be conducted to enter the test mechanism of the code of conduct.

“It’s a development that (the police) is for Sukodono,” he said.

Meanwhile, the results of a drug kit test conducted by East Java Police’s Propam Bid, at least 5 members tested positive for methamphetamine use. The five members are Apda TA, Aptu EW, Bripka FR, Bripka CD and Bripka HC.

Up to 30 people from East Java Regional Police Bidpropam suddenly used drug test kits at Sukmanungal Police on Wednesday (24/8). Initially, 3 members tested positive for the drugs and the results of 5 members are unclear. In addition, the results of the occult urine test were taken to a forensic laboratory.

“Then in Sukkamanunggal (Polsec) yesterday there were 5 people who were unclear when checking the drug test kit. Then the results from the East Java Police forensic lab indicated that of the five people we tested in the forensic lab, two people were exposed to methamphetamine. was announced for use,” he said.

“The five people are still being held in a special place for the East Java Regional Police. Once again, the East Java Regional Police Chief pledged to ask the Propam Police Chief to enforce discipline throughout the East Java Regional Police. Order.” They said.

Earlier, a member of the Pakistani police was also detained by the narcotics directorate of the East Java regional police. The arrest of the accused is suspected to be drug-related. Currently, a person named AW is being held at the regional police.

This revelation led to urine testing of other members. Ultimately, four members of the Paciton Police Force tested positive for the drugs. The results were known after a urine test conducted by the East Java Police Anti-Narcotics Task Force.

Four members bore the initials AZ, DF, ES and RF. All three people are known to serve in Satsampata. While the other serves at the police station.

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