A nod to the direct route from Sanjeev Nagar to Lalghati

The construction of a direct road from Sanjeev Nagar to Lalghati would provide relief for the inhabitants of Karond who have to travel 15 km to reach Lalghati.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Medical Education and Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang called Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to his residence in New Delhi on Sunday and discussed the matter and asked received a positive response.

After the construction of this road, the inhabitants of the locality of Karond will not have to travel 15 km to reach Lalghati. The obstruction on the approximately 100 meter strip of land adjacent to the Sultania infantry and with the intervention of Rajnath Singh, the Sultania infantry claim would be overturned.

To solve the problem, Sarang approved the route from Sanjeev Nagar to Lalghati Shiva temple.

Whose construction work is being carried out by the municipal company of Bhopal but claiming ownership of a plot that extends over 100 meters, Sultania Infantry has stopped the work while the road under construction is located outside the ball border built by the infantry and this road is also used by the infantry. The case file is pending at the Indian Army’s Southern Command in Pune.

Sarang said he had been trying to build this road for a long time. The road construction works will be completed upon receipt of the approval from the Ministry of Defense. It will bring relief to the people of the Karond region and they will not have to travel 15 km.

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