Abominable game of jihad in love, blackmail and fake marriage, another Hindu girl becomes victim “


New Delhi: A case of amorous jihad has been revealed in Delhi, the country’s capital. A young woman living in Delhi is originally a resident of Rampur in the UP. In 2017, the girl met a young man in a temple in Rampur. Where the young man told him his name as Rohan and inhabitant of Delhi. He befriended the girl and then returned to Delhi after a few days. From Delhi, he started following him on Facebook under the name Bilal Ahmed. Bilal told himself in front of the girl that he was secular and that he believed in Hinduism. He also apologized for naming Rohan. After that, in September 2018, Bilal called the girl in Delhi. From there he took him to Agra under the pretext of a walk.

In Agra, Bilal pretended to be ill and booked a room at the hotel. At night, by giving intoxicants in the juice, she rendered the girl unconscious. The victim said Bilal took obscene photos of her in the hotel and started blackmailing her. In November 2020, Bilal put mental pressure on her for the wedding. On December 14, Bilal married the young girl in a closed room in the presence of a few people at his uncle’s house. In April 2021, he moved to another apartment. The girl also accepted this marriage as true and began to live with him as a wife.

But after that, Bilal started to torture her. On September 17, after keeping him with him for six months, Bilal escaped after sending him to Rishikesh. With that, the young girl reached the house located in a locality in the town of Kotwali. About this Bilal Ahmed said I did whatever I wanted to use. When the girl said I’m your wife, where am I going now? She began to seek justice from Bilal Ahmed’s parents. Butam, Bilal’s parents started telling the victim to take three to four lakh rupees and be buried. While protesting, some people even tried to have a physical relationship. Bilal’s mother and sister also started beating the girl. In this whole affair, the victim lodged a complaint against Bilal Ahmed, Hila Ahmed, Gufran Ahmed, Shagufta Parveen, Jawa and Hassan. Following the instructions of the Inspector General of Police of Lucknow, on the girl’s complaint, the city police opened an investigation by registering a case against six people.

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