Jan Edward Williams, MS, JD

I have personal and professional experience helping persons with alcohol and other drug problems. In addition to having been an addictions counselor for over 38 years, I am in long term recovery myself with 40 years of continuous abstinence and sobriety. I have been Director of Treatment at two residential treatment programs and was the Chief Substance Abuse Counselor and Program Coordinator of the Chemical Dependency Unit at the Sheppard Pratt Health Systems in Baltimore Maryland for four years.

I consider addictive disease to be a three-fold illness: physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. For most individuals, the strength to overcome the power of addiction cannot be found in one’s own will power alone, but through help from others, including a spiritual source of strength. A few words about spirituality. I myself am a Christian, a Roman Catholic with strong faith in Jesus Christ. However, the spiritual strength needed to recover from addictive disease can be sought and found in many ways. Indeed, I began my spiritual recovery journey by just being willing to find a spiritual source of strength.

Until my retirement in December 2014, I was the Director of Loyola University in Maryland’s Alcohol and Drug Education and Support Services for 24 years, providing education and treatment services as an addictions counselor to students. During that time frame, I was also an affiliate professor in the Psychology Department of Loyola University, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in drug and alcohol addictions.

In addition to my law degree from the George Washington University Law school in Washington, D.C., I have a Master of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling.

I will send you a copy of my resume if you wish.


About this Site

Through this site, I offer free addictions information, a free blog open to anyone (only registration is required), and professional services based on my 38 years of experience as a licensed addictions counselor and 40 years of personal recovery. Payment for my Daily Addiction Recovery Tips is done through PayPal and is secure, and encrypted. Please contact me at 443-610-3569 or at janwsos@gmail.com with any questions or concerns about my services. As you can see by reading my blog posts, I favor a spiritually based approach to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, but recognize there are many paths to recovery and will support any rationally based approach to seeking abstinence.