Abuja Traditional Rulers Support Mandatory Drug Testing for Pipo Wey Wan’s Marriage

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The Chairman of the Council of Chiefs in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, does not approve of the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) carrying out a drug test for pipo wey wan to marry.

The President is also the traditional ruler, through Ona of Abaji, Alhaji Adamu Yunusa leads the immediate implementation of the drug integrity testing policy for prospective couples.

The directive will ensure that prospective couples present a certificate of fitness before they join holy matrimony.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria is proposing mandatory drug testing for October 2021.

Di president of di agency, Brig. General Mohammed Buba Marwa said mandatory drug testing and evaluation for prospective couples would reduce how they use drugs for di kontri.

“Nobody wants to marry my daughter to a drug addict or a drug addict and you are not able to be sure – when pipo comes to marry they have a beautiful face and you do not know if I am behind me” , said Marwa tok.

Abaji’s Di Ona says drugs have not become a big problem for Nigeria which worries many young dia men and women, including couples believed to be enjoying a married life.

For a 2018 report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) states that the prevalence of any drug use in Nigeria is around 14.4%, or around 14.3 million elderly people. aged 15 to 64 who abuse drugs.

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Why does NDLEA want to do a drug test for pipo wey wants to get married?

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For his meeting with Abuja council chiefs, Oga Marwa said cases of women who suffer from domestic violence are increasing and drug abuse by their husbands is at the root of most of the cases.

I say di kontri embraces drug testing for future couples the way they do for HIV/AIDS and genotype testing.

Although no law is made mandatory.

The NDLEA also says that if a couple tests positive for a drug test, either be fit to take it or go for treatment before getting married to avoid the nasty incidents that have been happening lately. .

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