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ACKO bicycle insurance offers add-ons that provide additional coverage. These include:

Zero amortization coverage

This coverage is best suited to insurance taken out for a new bicycle. With this protection, you do not decrease the depreciation value of your bike due to the wear and tear that occurs over time, but you get the full value of repairs to your bike.

Roadside assistance coverage

This add-on helps the user access 24×7 emergency roadside assistance, such as towing services in the event of a bike breakdown.

Key replacement cover

This cover allows the insured to save on the expenses incurred for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged key and to replace a lock, whenever necessary.

Outstation Emergency Blanket

This guarantee offers protection against accidents or breakdowns outside a radius of 100 km around your residence. If the repair time exceeds 12 hours, the insured can claim a reimbursement amount according to the terms mentioned in their policy.

Consumables coverage

This add-on provides expense protection on consumables such as engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricants, nuts and bolts, screws, etc. during an accident. All ACKO bike insurance plans, except the third-party plan, include this coverage at no additional cost.

Motor protection cover

This coverage protects the insured against losses caused by a damaged bicycle engine.

No Claim Bonus Protection (NCB)

This coverage helps you keep your no-claims bonus discount intact even if you make a claim. Usually, once a claim is made, the NCB cancels it. This coverage allows you to take advantage of the NCB reduction.

Return to Invoice Coverage

This coverage helps you claim the full costs detailed in your bike invoice whenever an incident of theft occurs or your bike is damaged beyond repair. This amount would also include your bike registration fee and road tax.

Personal accident cover for passengers

This coverage helps you provide financial protection for your loved ones in the event of an accident resulting in permanent disability or death. Under this cover, you can access a cover amount of up to INR 1 lakh per passenger. The Indian government makes it compulsory to have personal accident cover when a liability insurance plan is chosen by the policyholder.

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