Adnan Siddiqui becomes first meme of 2021


The first weekend of 2022 brought with it the first meme of the year with Adnan Siddiqui. The actor was present at the ceremony for the destruction of confiscated goods organized by the Customs (Enforcement) Karachi where he recorded himself joining the process of destroying the seized alcohol and drugs. He posted videos of the process with a selfie he took where the fire was in the background, unsure it would turn out to be the biggest meme of the month. The selfie in front of the raging fire was picked up by Pakistani Twitter and even after a week continues to be shared on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Whatsapp. From thinking about life choices to avoiding deadlines, the image corresponds to all the situations one can think of.

Speaking of the meme, the actor himself had a good laugh with BOLD thanking his parents and God for his existence in providing meme material to the world. The actor is proud to be the first meme of the year as he explains why he took the picture, “The intention of the picture was not to show the mere fire behind me, I wanted to show people that I have burned methamphetamine, ice and other intoxicants that are poisonous to youth. Amused by the memes created, the artist seemed happy enough to be a source of laughter for people.

The actor commented that he didn’t have a clue the photo would go viral when he uploaded it, and well, that’s social media in a nutshell, you never know how people will react to things that you publish!


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