Alberta RCMP roving traffic unit seized more than 50,000 doses of illicit drugs since early 2021 – Stettler Independent


The Alberta RCMP Roving Traffic Unit (RTU) works to fight travel-related crime across the province, seizing illicit drugs and illegal contraband on our roads.

As part of its traffic and public safety mandate, the RTU works diligently to identify and intercept criminals during traffic stops. Since January 2021, RTU has made a total of 11 seizures, resulting in the removal of over 50,000 doses of illicit drugs from our communities.

The Alberta RCMP RTU is a dedicated team responsible for ensuring road safety and detecting and disrupting potential criminal activity. In addition to removing various illegal substances from Alberta’s roads, the unit also seized over $ 148,900 in contraband, including $ 32,645 in Canadian currency, $ 115,767 in diamonds and jewelry, as well as six handguns. .

Recent major seizures:

Banff, AB – On March 6, 2021, RTU initiated a vehicle stop with an SUV registered in Alberta. A second vehicle in front of the SUV stopped by itself, as they were traveling together. During the stop, signs indicated that the second vehicle had been stolen. At that point, the SUV suddenly fled while the second vehicle remained at the scene. Canmore RCMP subsequently located the SUV. Two loaded pistols, approximately $ 15,000 in Canadian dollars, an assault rifle suppressor, cell phones, as well as 26 diamond rings and seven diamonds related to a recent theft were found in the vehicle. A search of the second vehicle resulted in the seizure of four additional guns and 1 kg of fentanyl, or approximately 10,000 doses.

Banff, AB – On April 17, 2021, RTU members stopped a van registered in Alberta. The investigator had reason to believe that the sole occupant was in possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution. The driver was arrested and a search of the vehicle resulted in the location of 143 cannabis plants.

Canmore, AB – On April 19, 2021, the RTU conducted a roadside check with a car registered in British Columbia. During investigations, there were grounds to believe that the two occupants were in possession of a controlled substance. The two occupants were arrested. A search of the vehicle found approximately 750g of methamphetamine, 500g of cocaine and 100g of suspected fentanyl.

“The Alberta RCMP RTU ensures public safety by strategically focusing on travel related crime on our provincial highways,” said the Superintendent. Gary Graham, RCMP Traffic Services. “By disrupting organized crime and removing illegal contraband from our streets, RTU is actively working to improve communities in Alberta.



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