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Posted on August 06, 2021 at 2:45 p.m.

An Albrightsville man is on trial in Carbon County Court on charges of firearms and drug trafficking.

A jury is due to begin its deliberations Friday morning on the fate of Joshua Peter Correll, 40. He is charged with possession of a prohibited firearm, firearms not to be carried without a license, flight to avoid apprehension and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver; and the counts of resisting arrest, false identification with the police, possession of a controlled substance (two counts) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The trial began Thursday with the conclusion of all testimony in the late afternoon.

The officer testifies

Jim Thorpe Police Officer John Pruitte Jr. testified on Jan. 14 that he received a phone call from Kidder Township Police stating that they had an arrest warrant for Joshua Correll.

Pruitte said around noon he spotted Correll, a woman and another man standing around a vehicle put up for sale along the Olympian Way. He said the man appeared to be Correll, but he drove three times to make sure.

He pulled his vehicle to the vehicle for sale, a Chevrolet Tahoe, blocking the front. Correll was in the passenger seat and the woman in the driver’s seat.

Pruitte said as he approached the passenger side door of the Tahoe, he saw Correll pick up something at his waist, lean over and appear to place the object under the passenger seat. Pruitte said he opened the door and told Correll he had an arrest warrant against him. Correll identified himself as John Correll. Pruitt said he told her, “I know John Correll, you’re not him, you’re Joshua.”

He said the accused pleaded but eventually got out of the vehicle. He said Correll refused to put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed while in custody for the warrant.

A fight ensued, Pruitte said, when Correll began to move to the rear of the Tahoe and he felt he might flee. Pruitte radioed for backup and Correll broke free and ran to the parking lot of Dean Anthony’s restaurant and route 903 (North Street).

Detective Lee Marzen arrived and pursued Correll. He caught up with him near North Street, grabbed the back of his hoodie and pulled him to the ground. Pruitte attempted to use a Taser on Correll.

Eventually Correll was arrested. While searching Correll, officers found $ 2,030, along with a syringe and a spoon.

Marzen found a loaded black 9mm handgun in a holster in the car. There were 15 rounds found in the pistol magazine and the pistol itself. The pistol did not have a serial number or other markings, only the name of the manufacturer. Pruitte said these weapons are called “ghost weapons”.

Pruitte said Correll had been brought back to Tahoe. Correll’s vehicle, a Ford Escape, was parked nearby. He said he looked out the driver’s side window, which was open about 6 to 8 inches, and saw a plastic container with a white powdery substance and a metal spoon in the holder. cup. He said he impounded the vehicle and had it towed. He then obtained a search warrant for the vehicle.

A search of the Ford was conducted on January 15 and inside was approximately 2 grams of suspected crystal meth, numerous syringes, and materials commonly used to package and distribute narcotics such as bags, rubber bands and measuring spoons. Another weapon holster was also found.

Due to previous felony convictions, Correll was prohibited from owning a firearm.

Pruitte also testified that Correll was taken to the county jail on warrant. During a strip search at the prison, illegal drugs were found.

During cross-examination by defense attorney, attorney Matthew J. Mottola, of the Office of the Public Defender, Pruitte said the woman fled the scene during the interaction with Correll and was not located but was eventually identified. He also said he did not test the gun or the holster for Correll’s DNA or fingerprints.

Pruitte said he told Correll “10 or 12 times” to put his hands behind his back before running.

Pruitte said a pink purse was found in Correll’s car which contained drug paraphernalia, a credit card and a driver’s license for a Katie Murphy.

Marzen said he arrived at the scene just as Correll was parting ways with Pruitte.

Marzen said the owner of the Tahoe, Mark Holland, was present and gave him permission to enter and search the vehicle. He said that other than the weapon found, there was nothing in the vehicle as it looked like it was ready to be sold.

Other testimony

Holland said the gun found in the vehicle was not his and that he cleaned the vehicle thoroughly before parking it and placing a sign to sell.

Correll did not testify. He is currently being held in the county jail.

The only defense witness was a representative of the Mauch Chunk Trust Company who made deposits and withdrawals from a checking account to a Correll account.

The trial was scheduled to resume today at 10 a.m. with closing arguments from lawyers and the court’s briefing on the law. Deliberations will then begin.

Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Lynn Rapa is continuing the case.

Judge Steven R. Serfass is presiding.


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