An Old Man Brutally Murdered in Temple Premises | Varanasi News

VARANASI: A 65-year-old man, Suryabali Yadav, was brutally murdered on the premises of a temple known as Mauni Baba ki Kutiya in the Chhitaunikot area below the Rohania police station boundary on Wednesday night.
SP Varanasi Rural District Amit Verma said the incident was discovered on Thursday morning after which police arrived at the scene with a dog team. After an initial investigation, the body was sent for an autopsy. A named FIR has been filed by the deceased’s family in this regard, Verma said, adding that the matter would be settled very soon.
A local resident was driving through Mauni Baba ki Kutiya on Thursday morning when he noticed Yadav’s body lying in a pool of blood and raised an alarm. As soon as the news spread, several villagers gathered on the spot. Informed, the police went there. The villagers informed the police that Yadav lived in a hut inside the temple premises for more than two decades and used to prevent disbelievers from sitting there and consuming intoxicants.
They said that a drug addict came to the temple premises when Yadav asked him not to use intoxicants there. After a heated exchange of words, the miscreant left. It is suspected that the same person returned with his accomplices and brutally murdered Yadav.
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