Antioch man arrested for selling, possession of illegal and stolen weapons, drugs on Sunday morning

Illegal weapons and drugs seized by Antioch police on Sunday morning June 26, 2022. Photos: ODA

The suspect has a record of arrests over the past three years

By Darryl Safford, Antioch Police Strategic Communications Officer

Several officers participated in the probation search of the W. 20th Street apartment complex.

While you were hopefully enjoying family time on a hot summer day, your officers were busy removing illegal firearms from the streets, Sunday morning, June 26, 2022.

Our Blue Day Shift and Blue Graveyard teams have partnered on a probationary search for a known subject who was selling guns in his apartment. Thanks to the excellent investigative work of Officer Milner, they were able to develop leads on their target which later led to the recovery of a stolen Glock pistol, a second loaded Glock which was illegally possessed, a large amount of Xanax pills and about five pounds of marijuana.

William Ponce-Ramirez, a 21-year-old Hispanic man from Antioch was arrested and transported to Martinez Detention Center. According to, he was previously arrested in February 2019 by the Chico PD for possession of alcoholic beverage by a minor, in November 2020 by the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department for WARRANT – Warrants Or Holds Only, 29800 (A) 1 – Addict in possession of a firearm, 25850A – Carrying a loaded firearm on a person or in a vehicle in a public place, 25400(A)1 – Carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, 25850C6 – Carrying a weapon firearm loaded when not the registered owner and 27545 – Unlicensed Firearm Sale/Lending Business. Ponce-Ramirez was also arrested, last July, again by the Sheriff’s Department for WARRANT – Warrants Or Holds Only.

The Antioch Police Department is dedicated to reducing gun violence in our community. With the help of our UAV, CNT, SWAT and Gang Unit, the streets of our city are a little safer. Thank you to the community for your continued and consistent support. We appreciate you #safestreets #gunviolenceprevention.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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