At 5.71% CAGR, Mosquito Repellent Market Size to Reach USD 9,624.2 Million in 2027, According to Brandessence Market Research


PUNE, India, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – New report added by Brandessence Market Research “Mosquito repellent market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report by Product Type (Coils, Liquid Sprays, Sprays / Aerosols, Carpet, Cream & Oil, Other), by Distribution Channel (Supermarkets / Hypermarkets, Large Retail Stores, small retail stores, specialty stores, online retail, Other) based on region and segment forecast, 2021 – 2027 “. Growing prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases, increasing number of product offerings and growing consumer health awareness and increasing availability of these products are major factors that are expected to drive the growth of the global Anti-Infective Products market. mosquitoes.

According to the report, the mosquito repellents market has reached a valuation of modest $ 6,524.6 million in 2020. The market is expected to exceed $ 9,624.2 million in valuation by 2027, increasing to 5.71% CAGR over the 2021-2027 periods.

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Mosquito repellents are typically chemicals, including diethyl carbate, diethyl phthalate, metofluthrin, lemon eucalyptus oil, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET), ethylhexanediol, and picaridin. These substances or chemicals found in sprays, aerosols, sticks, creams and liquids are widely used to repel mosquitoes. Among the substances, DEET often remains the gold standard for protection against mosquito bites. DEET was invented by the United States Department of Agriculture in the 1950s and preserves other insects including fleas, chiggers, flies, and ticks. Despite rigorous testing on over 20,000 products, DEET’s long lasting and spectrum provides the ultimate protection against mosquito bites. The American Academy of Pediatrics even recommends its use in children over 2 months old, with a concentration of 30%.

Despite DEET’s promising hold on the mosquito repellent market, new substances are emerging to offer new forms of protection. Permethrin is today considered ideal for use on mosquito nets, clothing, and camping gear. These substances can be harmful to the skin. However, their protection for clothing and their key ability to kill mosquitoes and other anthropods like ticks remain a promising feature for their growth. Permethrin products typically provide protection for up to 6 hours, making them an ideal prospect for a night out with friends and family.

New forms of mosquito repellants like citronella oil are also great for outdoor trips like camping. The substance is usually offered in candle form, which produces a strong vapor to repel mosquitoes from campsites. These are ideal for use when one does not want to apply a repellant chemical to one’s clothing and requires an outdoor solution for a large group of people.

Mosquito Repellent Market: Competitive Analysis

The mosquito repellent market is a fragmented landscape, with low barriers to entry and growing opportunities for innovation, distribution and manufacturing. Some key players in the global mosquito repellent market are SC Johnson, 3M, Specter Brands, Zhongshan LANJU, Reckitt Benckiser, Godrej Household, Tender, Nice Co., Ltd, Coleman, Omega Pharma, Sawyer Products, Cheerwin, Avon, Dainihon Jochugiku, Manaksia, Konda

Major players are not affected during the covid-19 crisis, as pest control has often been categorized as essential services around the world. Additionally, the demand for pest control services has been steadily increasing as vacant pledges remained highly vulnerable to pest infestations during the pandemic. Growing urbanization and the growing tendency of city dwellers to bring plants into their homes remains another major growth driver for players in the mosquito repellent market.

Some notable developments in the mosquito repellent market include a paper-based mosquito repellent with instant relief from pain associated with mosquito bites, and protection for 4 hours remains a promising growth prospect. The new product launched in India, by Godrej Group promises to add a new variety to existing offerings, with increased choice for end consumers.

The University of Notre-Dame is working on a project to create space repellent solutions to reduce the risk of malaria worldwide. The repellents promise to dispel mosquito habitats, with deployment in shelters and homes, to reduce mosquito breeding. The project currently underway at Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Mali is based on a slow release technology, which is delivered via transparent plastic sheets hung in strategic places. The emergence of epidemics such as Zika virus, malaria and dengue fever remain a major global concern for global authorities.

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Mosquito Repellent Market: Key Trends

  • As the demand for mosquito repellents increases around the world, new varieties of scented products are entering the market. DEET Chemical again remains a pioneer among these new products, with scents like wood and neutral scents attracting new tastes from consumers. Scented products are ideal for masking the faint alcohol odor in mosquito repellents, and often incorporate a feel-good factor for consumers. Typically, mosquito repellents have a 5% concentration, which provides protection for almost 90 minutes on average. Mosquito repellants also include 100% concentrations, with protection for over 10 hours. Mosquito repellants are often water resistant and water repellent, with increasing characteristics like the microencapsulation process that releases the chemical over time.
  • Thanks to the growing demand for mosquito repellents around the world, innovation in the mosquito repellent market remains robust. The EPA recently registered 2 new repellant ingredients, metofluthrin and the catnip formulation. Metofluthrin promises new applications, as the ingredient can be used in a clamp system with a battery-powered system. The substance creates a volatile, absorbent substrate around the body to kill and repel mosquitoes. The substance still continues to be tested for advanced efficacy applications. However, like catnip, this is a promising prospect for people in the mosquito repellent market.
  • Catnip remains widely available through online distribution channels, despite its lack of EPA-certified efficacy. A variant of catnip, designed by DuPont Chemicals, recently received EPA approval, thanks to its commercial promise as a repellant.
  • New thermal cell coils and devices are also making their way into the mosquito repellent market. The growing demand for more potent repellents for niche applications like hunting and effectiveness against strong outdoor winds remain the main drivers of the growth of these new products. Therma-cell products are a big hit with hunters, thanks to their strong repellant mixture that stays put in windy weather. Their synthetic formulations can also reduce manufacturing costs, with wide availability of raw materials.

Mosquito Repellent Market: Expert Analysis

The growing reach of mosquito repellants continues to increase the demand for innovation with a natural substance. Today, demand for ingredients like birch bark and other herbal and herbal products promises new breakthroughs in regions like Asia Pacific. The growth of counterfeit products on online media and the lack of regulations to ensure safe concentrations in mosquito repellants remain a major challenge for players in the mosquito repellent market.

The increase in disposable income in new regions such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa major growth opportunities remain in the mosquito repellent market. According to the WHO, mosquito bites kill more than 2 million people each year. In addition, bites also risk 40% of the total world population, in 91 countries. Growing epidemics of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, malaria, zika virus and West Nile virus continue to raise awareness about mosquito repellents, with increased demand for easy-to-use and more promising innovations.

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