Baba used to give intoxicants to women saying ‘children will be born from this herb…’ and then he did this dirty work.”

Madhepura: A shocking incident is coming out of Madhepura, Bihar, in which the alleged Baba, who claimed to have a weed child, was arrested by the police. It is alleged that the criminal used to rape women in the name of Tantra-Mantra. The name of the criminal is said as Kailash Paswan alias Chilka Baba. The criminal lives in Bhagipur village of Alamnagar police station in Udakishunganj sub-division of Madhepura. After the news, the police became active and arrested the criminal at his home.

The same Madhepura SP Rajesh Kumar said that Baba used to implicate childless married couples in the name of superstition. Women who fell into the trap were fed intoxicants in the name of herbs. After passing out, he used to rape her. The SP said police had received photographs of many couples from Baba’s house. It is said that these people had come to the criminal to look for children. Police said more people may be involved with the criminal. Very soon they too will be arrested.

Let us tell you that on May 5, in the name of having a child, a couple from Purnia district filed a criminal complaint while applying at Alamnagar Police Station. As part of the incident, the victim couple had said that even after many years of marriage, there was no child. Because of this, they were very upset. The attacker was accused by the victim of raping her for 9 months. Subsequently, the police intervened and arrested the culprit.

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Rape, marriage by deception, then triple talaq…, a sensational affair came out of Rajasthan”

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