Bagudu and Malami donate N105m to Hisbah to fight against fornicators and alcohol drinkers

Governor Atiku Bagudu has donated 100 million naira to the Hisbah of Kebbi to fight against alcohol drinkers, prostitutes and fornicators as part of the 20th anniversary of the Islamic Moral Police.

The donation was announced in Birnin Kebbi on Sunday by Mr. Bagudu during a fundraiser for Hisbah as part of activities marking its 20th anniversary.

Hisbah hoped to raise 120 million naira for his services.

Mr Bagudu said the money was contributed jointly by the Kebbi government, the House of Assembly and the 21 local government councils in the state.

“We must recognize the Hisbah’s immense contribution to inculcating moral values ​​in citizens. Contributions include participation in social services and tackling societal ills such as alcohol consumption and prostitution, resolving marital disputes, among others,” explained the Governor of Kebbi.

He added: “The group has been at the forefront of crime and crime prevention in society. Given its proactive approach to preventing social vices and crime, the incumbent administration co-opted the Hisbah into the state security apparatus.

Bagudu commended previous administrations for creating and supporting the Hisbah and commended its leaders and members for their perseverance in carrying out their duties.

State government secretary Babale Umar-Yauri, whose office oversees the Hisbah, said the committee had performed well over the past 20 years.

“These achievements include closing breweries, brothels, rescuing abandoned children and newborn babies and other charitable activities, which are the hallmark of Hisbah’s operations in the state,” he said. -he declares.

Mr. Umar-Yauri thanked the Governor of Kebbi for his financial support to the Hisbah and for bearing the cost of organizing the 20th anniversary celebration.

Acting Grand Khadi of Kebbi, Dr Muhammad Argungu, described the celebration of Hisbah’s achievements over the 20 years of his existence as a proud moment.

“The Hisbah has made a significant contribution to sanitizing the society and eliminating things harmful to the health and well-being of the people,” Mr. Argungu said.

He praised the governor for his paternal care for the orphans of Kebbi.

The Emir of Gwandu, Muhammadu Bashar, reaffirmed the commitment of the Council of the Emirate of Gwandu to support and cooperate with the Hisbah committee in its societal reform, in accordance with Islamic values.

The Emir advised the people to support the Hisbah committee to effectively discharge its duty to cleanse the society of all vices.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, acknowledged Hisbah’s performance, saying that she has helped reduce alcoholism and prostitution in Kebbi.

Mr. Malami, who chaired the event, advised Hisbah to focus more on tackling the use of other intoxicants among young people and made a donation to the Islamic Moral Police.

The Minister of Justice donated 5 million naira to Hisbah.


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