Bank employee raped by giving intoxicants, 55,000 recovered by making obscene videos

Patna: A bank employee who raped a divorced colleague and extorted Rs 55,000 by making obscene videos has been arrested in Muzaffarpur in Bihar. The accused, Gaurav Kumar, sexually exploited and raped the divorced victim under the guise of marriage. City police arrested bank employee Gaurav Kumar.

In October 2021, a bank employee filed a complaint with the Nagar police station accusing her colleague Gaurav of sexual harassment. The victim had told police that Gaurav also took down his lewd video and threatened to go viral. Gaurav also took 55,000 rupees from her by threatening her. The matter was being investigated by SI Babita Kumari. Babita Kumari said the victim and Gaurav worked in a bank. The two were friends at the bank. The victim was divorced. Taking advantage of this, Gaurav escalated the conversation with her, and then began to trick her into getting married.

In November 2018, Gaurav took the victim home after telling him to meet his mother. He fraudulently raped the victim by giving her drugs in the house. The accused also made a video of it. When the victim regained consciousness and began to object, he filled the sindoor of his party front line and put on a Mangalsutra, and said we got married. So Gaurav accepted her as his wife and later promised to have a marriage at court. Thus, Gaurav continued to sexually exploit the victim by keeping her in the trap. When she became pregnant, the accused caused her to have an abortion. The victim was already married. He also had a baby girl.

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