Beverage sales jump 21.1% to US$1.0 billion

Beverage production increased by 27.1% compared to 2020, mainly due to increased sales of “Ethyl Alcohol Distillation”, which had a share of 37.9%, “Beer Manufacturing , malt and malt beverages” with 27.0% and “Manufacturing of soft drinks”. beverages except sodas” with a share of 24.8%.

The data is contained in the “Economic Profile of the Beverage Industry of the Dominican Republic”, prepared by the Vice-Ministry of Industrial Development of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and MSMEs.

The institution points out that, in recent years, growth stands out from 2015 (14.4%), driven mainly by the increase in sales of “Distillation, rectification and assembly of alcoholic beverages”, with a share of 33.4% , and “Brewing, malt and malt beverages”, with 11.9%.

It indicates that in 2020, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales increased by 2.4%. Moreover, in 2021, beverage production was the manufacturing sub-sector that contributed the most to internal collections, accounting for 33.6%, or the equivalent of RD$51.4 billion (US$1.0 billion). ).

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