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KOCHI: In the wake of the pandemic, hand sanitizers made by unknown manufacturers are flooding the state market and pharmacists are also struggling to decide whether to accept or reject such shipments, which may not be conform to standards.

According to members of the All Kerala Chemists and Druggists Association (AKCDA), customers should check the composition as stipulated by the World Health Organization when purchasing hand sanitizers. According to the association’s general secretary, Thomas Raju, the alcohol content of the disinfectant should be 70% or more, which would help kill germs. “Hand sanitizers should contain ethyl alcohol, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. However, many disinfectants sold in the state do not contain any of these ingredients, ”explains Thomas.

Then there are disinfectants that contain propanol and other harmful chemicals like methanol. On the bottles of these disinfectants, there might be a warning to keep them out of the reach of children. However, members of the association fear that with the reopening of schools, colleges and various organizations, there may be an increase in the sale of fake hand sanitizers in the market.

Last year, the state’s drug control department issued licenses to 45 state drug companies to manufacture disinfectants to stipulated standards with authorized scents and colors. This decision was taken to stop the supply of fake and harmful hand sanitizers. However, there are numerous reports of fake hand sanitizers being sold in the state.

National Drugs Comptroller KJ John said: “Last year random inspections were carried out in several parts of the state and samples of hand sanitizers were collected from more than 100 markets. During the inspection, a load of disinfectants was seized from a paint shop in the capital. The store was found selling substandard hand sanitizers.

The Drugs Controller said: “We have continued with the inspections, but some provisions of the Medicines and Cosmetics Rules have been liberalized, such as a compulsory license for the sale of hand sanitizers to make them available to the public. population. This has resulted in an increase in the sale of these products in the market without any regulation. However, if it turns out that a particular disinfectant is not up to standard, we stop selling it. “We plan to step up verification of the illegal sale of fake hand sanitizers and narcotics as schools reopen in the state,” he said.

To do

Dos and Don’ts of Using Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer should contain at least 60-95% alcohol, as lower levels would not provide protection against germs.
  • Disinfect your hands, especially when touching frequently touched surfaces in public places such as doorknobs, flushing toilets.
  • Rub the disinfectant on your hands for at least 20 seconds until the hands are dry.
  • Check the expiration date on the hand sanitizer and discontinue use if it has expired.

Not to do

  • Children should be encouraged to wash their hands rather than using hand sanitizers, as even a small amount swallowed by a child can lead to poisoning.
  • Do not overuse your hand sanitizer as it can make your skin extremely dry and even cause irritation and burns.
  • Wash your hands before eating if you have applied disinfectant as it can be toxic.
  • Do not use disinfectants to clean your hands when they are contaminated with chemicals. Wash off with soap.

Check these components
Ethanol (95%), Glycerol, Hydrogen peroxide, Purified water

Color: Brilliant Blue FCF (a synthetic organic compound used primarily as a blue dye for processed foods, drugs, dietary supplements, and cosmetics)

Main seizures in 2020-2021

Fake hand sanitizers with a face value of Rs 50,000 seized in Kozhikode

Hand sanitizers and N95 masks worth Rs 3 lakh seized from an unlicensed company in Thycaud in Thiruvananthapuram for violating the provisions of the Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act 1995

About 2,000 liters of disinfectants in bottles with fake labels of different brands seized from a manufacturing unit in Nedumbassery, Ernakulam


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