Bozeman Police Honor Retired K9 Partner

There are big paws to fill at the Bozeman police station. K9 Roman police have just retired. Recently, MTN’s Holly Brantley caught up with Roman and her three managers as they pay tribute to their partner against crime.

With paws on the ground and nose on the ground, Roman the German Shepherd spent 5 years alongside three handlers as Bozeman PD’s K9 crime fighter.

“He’s a phenomenal police dog,” said Detective Benjamin King. “It’s perfect for the job.

He has helped rid the streets of over a million dollars of illegal drugs, track down criminals and find lost people. In the Department, the agents call him a comrade that any cop can count on.

“We were partners,” Detective King said. “The partners have a special bond. “

“It’s very rewarding,” added Ian Anderson.

Anderson was the most recent to spend his days and nights with the devoted dog. He explained that the injuries led to the decision to remove him earlier.

“His first problem was a torn biceps tendon, but the complications that ultimately led to retirement were with his back,” he said. “He had a bunch of failed steroid treatments and had to have spinal surgery.”

Officer Anderson says Roman was made for police work. He says finding another dog like him won’t be easy.

“For him, it’s his personality,” Anderson said. “He’s very friendly. He’s good with other dogs, kids and people, but when it’s time, it’s time.

Detective Quinn Ellingson also says it’s Roman’s tall personality that sets him apart – his personality and little quirks like the way he holds his paws or the way he goes around in circles when he’s ready to go to work.

“It was one of those things with him, he loved the job. When he saw the car he started to circle and take off and run around the car until the door opened, ”Ellingson said. “He was happy to be there. We had a few good drug seizures, a few leads in the dark taking suspects and it was rewarding. “

He says they worked hard, then Roman played hard.

“He’s always been good, full of energy,” Ellingson said.

And then there’s Detective Benjamin King. They trained together when Roman was just a puppy. He was his first manager; he will also be his last.

“I was sad to learn that he was going to be forced to retire due to an injury. Still, I was the first in line, ready to box when I heard he had to go home with someone. Detective King smiles.

Now that his crime-fighting days are over, Detective King and Roman are working on a different kind of training: retirement.

“It presents unique challenges, currently teaching him to be a dog and be part of the family. He always gets up every morning and wants to go to work, ”King said.

He says Roman enjoys spending time with the other two dogs in the family, a lab and a miniature dachshund. King says that while Roman would always love to be warm on a trail, he’s adjusting to the easy life.

Now the search for another police dog is on to keep the community safe.

We were very lucky with our dogs, but from my perspective I don’t think you can replace Roman, ”said Detective King.

We will notify you when another dog is chosen.

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