BPD leader: MPs from out of county buy and stop drugs, seek BPD help, but little information is provided


BLANCHESTER – The Blanchester Police Chief says he’s trying to get more information about an incident in the village involving an out-of-county law enforcement agency looking for a suspect, during which BPD was asked to help.

At around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, deputies from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office informed the Blanchester Police Department “that they would attempt to apprehend a fugitive at a Blanchester address, but that they did not assist the BPD, “BPD chief Scott Reinbolt said in a press release. “About 15 minutes later, three Clermont County Sheriff’s assistants called the Blanchester Police Department for assistance after the wanted man barricaded himself in an apartment in the complex at 815 E. Cherry. St. “

He said Ptl. Justin Peel responded to their request for help.

Reinbolt said Clermont County MPs told Ptl. Peel that they had a felony warrant for a Russell Bonham – who was allegedly involved in a Clermont County shooting a week earlier – and MPs learned Bonham was a guest in an apartment at 815 E Cherry St.

“In order to lure Bonham out of the apartment, MPs arranged a drug purchase from Bonham, which was to take place in the apartment. Unfortunately, this complex plan was not shared with anyone from the Blanchester Police Department prior to his execution, ”Reinbolt said.

MPs knocked on the apartment door to buy drugs, but Bonham foiled their plan by sending a friend to the door with the drugs, Reinbolt said, and the woman, seeing MPs in uniform, immediately said threw a large amount of drugs into the bushes outside the apartment and Bonham apparently locked the apartment door and refused to come out.

At this point, Clermont County MPs called Blanchester Police for help, Reinbolt said.

He said Ptl. Peel found a large amount of suspected methamphetamine in the bushes at the front of the apartment. While Ptl. Peel was at the back of the building, Clermont County MPs reported apprehending Bonham.

Reinbolt continued, “No one from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office has contacted me to provide further information on this or to explain their legal authority to set up an illegal drug purchase outside of Clermont County. “


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