Channi and Sidhu’s love for Pakistan a matter of great concern: Raghav Chadha


CHANDIGARH: Punjab co-head of affairs, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national spokesperson and deputy Raghav Chadha, described the love shown by ruling Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu and the minister in Chief Charanjit Singh Channi towards Pakistan and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan as very disturbing. According to Chadha, this love of Channi and Sidhu for Pakistan is dangerous for the internal security of the country and of the Punjab.

In a statement released by party headquarters on Saturday, Raghav Chadha said Punjab is a border state and Punjab police including BSF have caught drones, tiffin bombs and intoxicants (heroin) sent from Pakistan. across the border from time to time. In such a period, the growing love for Imran Khan, by the ruling Congressional State President and Chief Minister Channi, is a matter of grave concern. Because various DGPs who command the state said kilograms of intoxicants were coming from Pakistan across the border, weapons were coming in, drones and Tiffin bombs were passing through Punjab; The love of the ruling Congressional Chief Minister Channi and State President Navjot Singh Sidhu for Pakistan is therefore worrying.

The statement that was released was not made by a minor congressional worker or an outside state worker, but by Chief Minister of Punjab Charanjit Singh Channi and state congressman Navjot Sidhu, which raises questions.

Raghav Chadha further said that the ruling rulers were talking about opening the border, we all talked about opening the border for the rate. But what is the situation today? If the border is open today, then four times the drugs, four times the terrorism and four times the weapons will be sent to India from Pakistan via the Punjab. Such words / statements are unsuitable for the Chief Minister and President of State of such a sensitive state; the Aam Aadmi party takes it very seriously.

Chadha said that the pure love that Sidhu developed has become a great threat to internal security. Various Punjabian DGPs have also alerted every now and then and this is all in front of us. The adoption of Pakistan by the ruling Congress at such a time is regrettable, he added.


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