Chris Eubank Sr. defends Benn over drug test failure, vows to sue promoters

Chris Eubank Sr. says he intends to pursue some form of retaliation against the organizers behind the now scuttled 157-pound catchweight between his son and Conor Benn.

Longtime middleweight contender Eubank Jr. and welterweight Benn were due to meet last Saturday at the O2 Arena in what has been billed as a monumental generational grudge match. But just days before the event, it was revealed by the Daily Mail that Benn had tested positive for a banned substance, the fertility drug clomiphene. Shortly after, the British Boxing Board of Control issued a statement refusing to sanction the fight. Promoters Eddie Hearn (Benn) and Kalle Sauerland (Eubank) seemed determined to go ahead with the show but, in the end, they decided to “postpone” the fight.

Eubank Sr. had already made headlines in recent weeks because he spoke out forcefully against the fight, citing what he saw as a dangerous weight loss his son would have to endure and seemed to suggest he would take legal action against the organizers. Eubank Jr. had to lose three pounds below the average weight limit, which he never had to do as a professional, and he was also placed under a strict rehydration limit. Additionally, Eubank Sr. refused to participate in any pre-fight publicity, unlike Benn’s father, Nigel Benn, who did. (Last year, Eubank Sr. lost a son, Sebastian, to a heart attack while vacationing in Dubai).

At the start of fight week, Eubank Sr. called for a “boycott” of Eubank-Benn.

Ironically, Eubank Sr.’s feelings have apparently aged well. In a recent interview, he offered a scathing critique of last week’s fiasco and also indicated that he “came for” the “managers and promoters” who tried to greenlight the fight.

“…You have toddlers who take care of [the] fighters,” Eubank said on The Fight is Right podcast with hosts Tunde Ajayi and Spencer Fearon. “Toddlers, those guys we call managers and promoters. These guys, I’m coming for you. Yeah, you tried to murder my boy. I’m coming for you. Yeah.”

Notably, Eubank Sr. held no animosity towards Benn. Indeed, the British boxing icon was downright sympathetic to the beleaguered 26-year-old, describing him as a “clean man” and hinting that Benn had been taken advantage of by some members of his training squad.

“When I look at a fighter, I look at the mind of the man,” said Eubank Sr. “Conor would have had no idea, in my opinion, what they would suggest he should have (PED) .

“I saw them do it, I watched them. These are men who are going to be kicked out of this game, because they are not fighters, they are PEs [physical education] teachers. I respect them, but not when they hurt fighters, because – in my opinion – when I look at Conor Benn, he’s a pure young man.

“I said to Nigel, ‘don’t come to these speaking engagements (for Eubank Jr.-Benn),'” Eubank Sr. added. “There’s going to be too much pressure on him because you let them drive your son in an abyss, a trap. This boy is clean. A clean man and a great fighter.

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