Common Plea Court ruling upheld … Skaggs will serve time in jail …


Through September 13, 2021 10:25 P.M.

BUCYRUS – Robert Skaggs, 46, currently in Crawford County Jail, appeared in Crawford County Common Pleas Court on Monday for a decision hearing and conviction for a violation of community control.

Skaggs initially pleaded without question when charged with drug possession, a fifth degree felony carrying a sentence of up to 12 months in prison. Crawford County Common Pleas Judge Sean Leüthold found Skaggs guilty and sentenced him to 12 months in prison with the possibility of judicial release after serving six months of his sentence. Skaggs appealed this conviction to the Court of Appeal. While under community control, Skaggs pleaded guilty in Crawford County City Court to two counts of stalking harassment and two counts of harassment in telecommunications, all counts of misdemeanor. Skaggs admitted to stalking his ex-girlfriend and placing a GPS tracking device in his vehicle without his knowledge.

Crawford County Municipal Court Judge Shane Leuthold sentenced Skaggs to six months in jail on each count, for a total of 24 months in jail. Twelve months of the sentence were suspended.

The City Court violations of the law occurred before Skaggs’ appeal against his conviction in the Common Plea Court was resolved.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the guilty verdict of Common Pleas Judge Sean Leuthold.

In the meantime, Skaggs violated control over his community by failing to appear in court, resulting in an arrest warrant against him. He left his supervising state of Kentucky without permission and did not show up for visits to his Kentucky office. When he was arrested in Bucyrus, he tried to flee from the officers and, in addition, refused to take a drug test.

Crawford County Common Pleas Judge Sean Leuthold recused himself from the case, and the case fell on the role of visiting Judge Howard Hall.

The issue in court today was the issue of Skaggs’ conviction for violating community control and how it should be served.

Judge Leuthold sentenced Skaggs to 12 months in Crawford County Jail for violating community control with the possibility of judicial release after serving six months in prison. However, the sentence was stayed until the Court of Appeal rules on Skaggs’ appeal.

Judge Howard listened to arguments from Crawford County District Attorney Matt Crall, defense attorney Andrew Motter and Skaggs himself.

Motter told the court that his client’s sentence should be considered executed since he was in jail for the City Court convictions. He told the court that they have broad jurisdiction in which they can decide that the sentence will be carried out simultaneously.

Crall reviewed a memorandum filed by Assistant District Attorney Ryan Hoovler. Crall claimed that Skaggs was serving time for a misdemeanor unrelated to the violation of community control in the common pleas court.

“There is a strong public policy argument that you shouldn’t get a free misdemeanor charge because you’ve been charged with a felony,” Crall said.

Skaggs himself told the court he had served as a prison administrator for eight months and felt he had served his sentence.

Judge Hall said that while he was sympathetic to Skaggs, it seemed like he had been treated well by the Court of Common Pleas.

“Obeying community control is pretty straightforward… stay out of trouble and signal when you’re supposed to,” Hall said.

Hall said Skaggs was under community control over felony charges when he breached probation. All of this happened before the municipal court charges. He imposed the sentence of 12 months in jail on Judge Leuthold and gave Skaggs 24 days of jail time credit.

Skaggs will begin serving the Common Plea Court sentence when the City Court sentence is over.


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