Dana White finally answers Jake Paul’s drug test challenge

UFC President White finally responded to Paul’s drug test challenge by saying the YouTube star was “not serious” and reiterating his claim that anyone in front of him should lobbying for a “hardcore” drug test.

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UFC President Dana White has responded to Jake Paul’s previous drug test challenge by reiterating his own willingness to test despite the “not serious” bet mark.

The promotion president was accused of using cocaine by Paul who bet he would be tested for steroids provided White was tested for use of the substance.

The terms also included a pay rise for UFC fighters and improved health care they receive as the pair pursue their line.

White once again dismissed the challenge as Paul “joked” but is happy to hand over all drug records of his UFC fighters who are regularly tested.

“I wanted him to do this and you saw his response,” White said. TSN. “This guy is not serious, he is f ****** joking and whatever.

Dana White has finally responded to Jake Paul’s previous challenge



“I know I don’t do cocaine…you want to test, let’s test, then he comes back with ‘oh, that’s a compliment I dragged while eating,’ it doesn’t matter if you cheated USADA (US Anti -Doping Agency) will get you.

“You want to take a drug test? No, he doesn’t. So obviously he didn’t accept my challenge and if you’re someone who’s going to fight him in the future, push for a hardcore drug test.

“Oh and by the way he came back and said he would if I tested all my fighters. How did the wizard not anger him and let him know we were testing all our fighters .

“Our fighters are frequently tested and subjected to the strictest drug testing policy in all of sport.”

White accused Paul of using steroids and called for him to get tested, which the Youtube star quickly dismissed.

A leak has confirmed that Paul passed his drug test for the recent rematch with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul has made an enemy of the company president since he started his boxing career and begged him to release his stars to discuss possible boxing matches.

Do you think Dana White should allow UFC fighters to compete in boxing? Let us know your verdict in the comments section below.

He even called for fighting the president himself by naming him on a boxing “bucket list” as his trolling continues.

The YouTube star has even started MMA training in anticipation of meeting a UFC fighter in the cage or even competing under the Bellator or PFL banner.

For now, White and Paul’s feud has largely been pushed aside, but UFC legend Chael Sonnen believes the YouTube star has picked the right foe.

“Jake can’t be wrong, he just can’t be wrong,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “All you’re looking for when you’re looking for an enemy is you’re looking for a mate, that’s all you want.

“You come after a guy and act like you’re trying to ruin his day, but all you really hope is that you get a response that overflows until tomorrow.

“And as long as you still have a feud with a guy, you can just ping that back and forth until the audience is done with it.

“And Jake found himself the greatest enemy anyone could have.”

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