Derry drug scourge task force set up


Fake prescriptions and other illegal drugs are sold online and on the dark web.

However, the councilor who put forward the original motion declined to support it after members voted in favor of an amendment that called for the new Task and Finish group to draw on the expertise of statutory and voluntary organizations.

The original motion, which was moved by Councilor Paul Gallagher, called on the group to chart a course forward to tackle the drug scourge in the city and district.

The independent adviser said: “We have spoken enough and we are all aware of what is going on, so it is time for the council to take action.”

Sinn Fein Colr. Michaela Boyle made an amendment that reads: “We should build on existing expertise in this sector and involve our statutory and volunteer partners who are part of the civic forum, including the PSNI, the PPCP and the Ministry of Justice ”.

She said the issue was “a very sensitive and deep issue,” adding: “The work needs to be coordinated with the many agencies that are already responsible for dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

“There is no miracle solution to the scourge of drugs that circulate in our communities or that are even bought on the dark web. We welcome the recent seizures, discoveries and arrests… there needs to be stronger operating procedures within the PSNI and the court to hold those responsible for supplying drugs to our young people for their own financial gain.

SDLP Councilor Brian Tierney spoke about the importance of calling on the expertise of people in the city and district to help.

“It’s about helping families who are suffering from drug addiction,” he said. “We know there are people who suffer the worst possible impact of drug addiction and this can no longer be treated as an open secret. This motion is very timely after we have seen a number of deaths in this city and this district in the past two months due to drug addiction and illegal drugs. “

UUP Alderman Darren Guy said a man he knew “was among those who lost their lives as a result of the use of illegal drugs ordered over the Internet.”

“He didn’t take a lot, he apparently only took one which was all that had been taken in the package. Her mother or brother doesn’t care where the help is coming from until someone else has to deal with the anguish they’ve been through.

Collar. Gallagher expressed disappointment with the amendment which he said “completely hijacked” the original motion.

“I have walked behind quite a few coffins in recent years of young people, including mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grannies and grandfathers found them dead in their beds early in the morning. These numbers are growing and continue to rise while this so-called expertise exists.

“And when we walk behind the next coffin and a mother comes over and tells me what are you doing about it, I’m going to say that this advice is more of the same, which is nothing to deal with the crisis.” , that is why I will not be supporting the amendment.

However, MEPs supported amendment 30 for, 5 against, 1 abstention, and voted in favor of the substantive motion 30 for, 2 against, with 4 abstentions.


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