Destileria Limtuaco adds antibacterial liquid hand soap to its product catalog


DESTILERIA Limtuaco & Co. Inc., the oldest distillery in the country, announces its latest addition to its essential product line after launching Consumer Protect 70% ethyl alcohol antibacterial disinfectant at the start of the Covid-19 ECQ end of March of last year.

Si Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap (Calamansi and Dalandan Variants) is made from by-products of premium Filipino craft spirits Manila Liqueur from Calamansi and Dalandan.

Manila Liqueur’s production process promotes sustainable manufacturing and recovery initiatives. As part of the company’s desire to help preserve the environment and reduce its carbon footprint, the company has developed a range of antibacterial hand soaps using the by-products of the liquor production.

The calamansi and dalandan rinds, seeds, juice and mesocarp / endocarp of the fruits are ground into a citrus “slime”, as it is called, and made into a natural by-product. This mud is used as the essential active ingredients to create the Si antibacterial liquid hand soap with natural calamansi or Philippine lemon and Dalandan or Philippine orange.

Since the launch of Manila Liqueur de Calamansi by Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc. in 2014, the brand has always stood up for the Philippines.

From the unique tangy freshness of calamansi and dalandan in a vodka base, to the packaging concept with Filipino design elements of floral embroidery and callado design found in a Tagalog barong, Manila Liqueur has a taste, a distinct look and feel that matches the brand identity of the best Filipino experience in a bottle.

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