‘Don’t spread fake bulls**t’ Players slam tennis drug testing allegations

‘Don’t spread fake bulls**t’ – Players slam claims of rigged drug testing process

An investigation that allegedly revealed anomalies in the blood tests of professional tennis players by anti-doping authorities has been widely criticized by high-profile players, including former US finalist Madison Keys.

The tennis player drug testing process has been thrust into the spotlight by a supposedly thorough investigation that was supposed to have revealed flaws in the protocol, but that investigation is widely mocked and disputed by professional tennis players.

According to report published in the Mail on Sunday British newspaper, “Players have been told to secure time slots for blood doping tests ahead of this year’s Miami Open, a method anti-doping experts say is making a ‘huge difference’ for cheaters looking to escape detection.”

However, Madison Keys has been particularly vocal about the accusations saying on her personal Twitter account,

“They use ‘reserved’ blood passport samples as a reference to test future samples. I was woken up at 6:30 a.m. literally 3 days ago for an unscheduled doping test. Don’t spread fake bullshit”

Keys’ comments were also backed up by WTA Pro Andrea Petkovic who responded by saying:

“It’s dangerously distorted. The ‘doping test’ that we were able to ‘schedule’ in Miami was a collection of the blood passport which is a blood sample that athletes give each year so that actual UNSCHEDULED doping tests can be compared to the said sample and searched for anomalies.

The original investigators have yet to comment

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