Drugs worth 134,800 RM seized in Bukit Mertajam


GEORGE TOWN: Illegal drugs valued at RM 134,800 destined for 68,842 drug addicts were arrested after three suspects were arrested on the mainland.

The head of Penang’s criminal drug investigation department, Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah, said most of the drugs were found stored in an apartment in Bukit Mertajam after a skillful interrogation of suspects aged 38 to 47 on Tuesday.

The first arrest took place in Permatang Pauh where two male suspects were held.

They were seized of 10 packets of heroin weighing 171.35 g valued at RM 2,296 as well as nine packets of methamphetamine weighing 13.25 g valued at RM 1325 and nine Erimin5 pills weighing 2, 42 g worth 135 RM.

They then took the police to Bukit Tengah, where a second arrest was made. Another suspicious man was arrested and heroin weighing 457g valued at RM6124 was seized.

“Further investigation then led us to search a rented apartment in Bukit Mertajam where nine packets of heroin weighing 4.12 kg valued at RM 55,275 and two basic heroin plates weighing 750 g with a value of RM 69,645 were found.

“We believe the basic heroin, heroin and methamphetamine were headed for the local market. The union has been active since June.

“If it had not been detected, the drugs would have fueled the addiction of 68,842 addicts,” ACP Mustafa said yesterday at the state contingent police headquarters in Penang Road.


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