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What are the rules for burning inside the city of Ripon?


This question was asked by David Sakrison, a resident of Ripon, after smelling the smell of burning garbage in his neighborhood.

The Ripon Police Department and Ripon Area Fire District frequently receive calls related to burning issues. The two departments are working hand in hand to enforce the city’s existing burn ordinance, educate residents and ensure safety.

“The vast majority of the time, a conversation with the responsible party and education on the combustion rules resolve any complaint issues,” said Police Chief Bill Wallner.

Under the city municipal code, open burning is prohibited, but recreational campfires and fireplaces are permitted, if using clean, dry wood. Fires cannot burn brush, trash, plastics or furniture, said Ripon fire chief Tim Saul.

It must be attended by someone 18 years of age or older and some type of suppression must be available, such as a hose or a fire extinguisher.

When a complaint arises, Wallner said an officer would respond to the location to check on what was being burned.

If the person burning is in violation, they will be asked to put out the fire and receive a warning, he noted.

“If they burn other items, such as garbage, firefighters may be called in to put out the fire if the responsible party is unable to do so,” Wallner said. “If it turns out that hazardous materials are burning, contact will also be made with the firefighters and possibly the MRN for law enforcement. “

Saul said the police department handles some complaints, the fire district handles others and sometimes both agencies respond.

Especially when a place repeatedly violates burning regulations or if intoxicants are involved, he says firefighters and law enforcement will both respond.

Most of the time, the fire chief says authorities issue a warning when it comes to someone’s first violation. Saul explained that the fire and police departments want people to know about the regulations, rather than punished for not knowing.

“We recently had two [complaints] where we found people burning brushwood in town, ”he said. “Being courteous, we stopped to brief them on the process and then set off. “

What this means for you:

According to Saul, burning leaves or brush can create a fire hazard because the burning leaves can blow into a home or garage.

In addition, safe handling of a fire, once it appears to be extinguished, is also important. Saul said it’s never a good idea to put hot ashes in a combustible container.

He added that it’s important to make sure the ashes have cooled before leaving a used fireplace, as hot ashes can also blow in the wind to ignite grass or a structure.

“There are so many different examples of the danger of not properly maintaining your fire afterwards,” he said.

Beyond brush and leaves, Saul says burning garbage releases toxic fumes into the air.

“It is a nuisance and creates health risks,” he said. “It can also cause problems for people who go to bed with a window open. “

Saul encourages people to contact the fire department before burning to make sure they are following the proper regulations.

For more information on how to stay safe during the burn, call the Fire District at 920-745-2262.

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What are the rules for burning inside the city of Ripon?


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