First love marriage then written suicide note


Panipat: There has been a reported case of tarnishing a husband-wife relationship in Panipat, Haryana, which will knock you unconscious. In fact, a young woman from the New Housing Board Colony of Panipat had a love marriage with Neeraj, a resident of Vikas Nagar in the city. It was his second marriage. On the other hand, Neeraj’s family could not accept this interracial marriage and for this reason the two husbands and wives lived separately. It is alleged that for a while everything was fine, but later the victim’s husband harassed her with his family. The young woman was also a victim of caste abuse. This cycle continued continuously and she continued to tolerate it.

Then one day: According to the victim, one day the limit was reached when her husband made her drink by mixing intoxicants in water and forced her to write a suicide note. The victim said that after which the husband hanged her and fled when her daughter saw him, her maternal uncle and grandmother were informed. Other than that, she was taken down from the noose and taken to the hospital for treatment. She fought a battle between life and death for about 15 days in the hospital. Although her life was saved, she is currently unable to walk or get out of bed.

Police said: In this case, the head of the Chandni Bagh police station, Manjit Singh, said that action was taken by registering a case under Articles 307 and 328 of the IPC on the victim’s complaint. On the other hand, Dr Gaurav Srivastava, who treats Mamta, said that when she was brought to the hospital, her condition was very serious and she had difficulty breathing. At present, his condition is improving to a large extent, but at the moment he is having difficulty standing and walking.

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