Five cell phones seized at Amritsar central prison: the Tribune India


Amritsar: Authorities at Amritsar Central Prison on Sunday confiscated five cell phones from three prisoners inside the high-security prison complex. Ajmer Singh, deputy prison superintendent, told police that while checking room number 2 of barracks number 1, prison staff seized a touch-tone phone from prisoner Vinod Sahota, aka Shally Sahota, from Mustafabad on Batala Road, two touch-tone phones from detainee Gurpreet Singh, alias Gopi, from Muhawa village and a keypad and touch phone were recovered from Kuldeep Singh, alias Judge, from Kot Mit Singh housed in room number 5 from Barracks number 1. All have been reserved under section 42, 52-A of the Prisons Act. TNS

Mobile snatched from the merchant

Amritsar: Manohar Lal, a shopkeeper at the National Shopping Complex, was looted by armed thieves outside his store on Sunday evening. The accused left with his bag containing 10 mobiles, three of which were new in addition to clothes and documents. The victim returned from Delhi after obtaining the mobiles. He told police he ran a Sahil Enterprises store at the National Shopping Complex. He said he returned from Delhi on Sunday, where he got three new and seven old phones. He said he and his son had gone to check the store, when the accused came and snatched the bag at the point of the gun. One case has been registered. TNS

Three inmates with intoxicants

Amritsar: Majitha police arrested three people for suspected possession of sedative pills, heroin and drug products. They were identified as Karambir Singh from Majitha, Malkeet Singh from Dadupura village and Charanjit Singh from Majitha. Police said the defendants were traveling by car (PB-02-DU-6032) from Amritsar to Majitha. The police were informed that the accused could be in possession of drugs and a checkpoint was therefore set up near Majitha Dharam Kanda. The police team motioned for the car to stop and during the search they found the intoxicants wrapped in a polythene bag in the dashboard of the car. When the police team searched the accused, they recovered 10 g of heroin in Charanjit and 68,000 rupees of drug products. He said no contraband was recovered from Karambir and Malkeet Singh. Sam Nath, investigator, said a case under NDPS law had been filed against them. TNS


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