Flint City Councilor proposes prescription to test limbs for drugs



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Flint, MI (WNEM) – Flint City Councilor Allan Griggs proposes an ordinance to institute random drug testing for all council members while on city property or conducting municipal business .

“We have to do what’s right for our city, our city,” Griggs said. “I think it just falls into place that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than not.”

He also believes that such an order would help silence derogatory comments directed at some board members.

“I have heard some people make strange remarks thinking that some members of the city council are drugged or that we would not behave sometimes in frivolous meetings. Why not just sort it out instead of spreading the rumors, ”said Griggs.

Griggs said even town hall was performing random drug tests for its employees. So it shouldn’t be any different for city council members.

Vice-president of city council Maurice Davis does not agree with the proposed ordinance.

“It’s messy and it’s profiling and it’s just totally irrelevant,” Davis said.

Davis believes the push for an ordinance is meant to target one person, Eric Mays.

“Because he’s so loud and that’s his style and they probably want him to go,” Davis said.

“I personally don’t use drugs or illegal substances,” Mays said.

Councilor Mays acknowledges the order could be directed to him, but says he’s not worried.

“I can test them any day of the week for illegal controlled substances. I’m not on crack heroin and cocaine, none of that, so I don’t know where they’re going with this, ”Mays said.

Mays said from now on he would like more information on the proposal before deciding whether it deserves his support.

“I’ll watch, I have no problem with transparency in government,” Mays said.

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