Frankfurt man seeking medical help is sent to jail instead

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) – When Patrick Hollon began to feel dizzy and ill during an overnight shift at a Frankfort plastics plant, his co-workers called an ambulance for potential heatstroke.

It was June 16, a 94 degree day during a summer heat wave.

“I remember having this awful headache,” Hollon said.

When Hollon, now 27, was taken to Frankfurt Regional Medical Center, he was given Narcan and treated for dehydration and a drug overdose. He was not treated in hospital for heatstroke, according to a complaint filed by Hollon and his family. The lawsuit was filed against the Frankfurt Police Department, several employees of the Frankfurt Regional Medical Center and Police Department, and HCA Healthcare, which operates the hospital.

After being treated with Narcan at Frankfort Regional, Hollon was still unresponsive and unable to speak coherently. But instead of continuing to treat him, hospital staff called the police because he didn’t want to leave the scene, according to the lawsuit.

Body camera footage of responding Frankfort police officers was provided to LEX 18 by Hollon’s attorney, Kamp Purdy. In the footage, nurses can be heard saying that Hollon was discharged from hospital, but would not wake up.

Footage shows police trying to get Hollon to talk, and at one point a hospital worker appears to be trying to wake him up. Hospital workers can also be heard saying that the Narcan was working, but that Hollon had then started “thrashing about and trying to get away from us” before the police arrived.

Hollon, a Navy veteran, said he had never used illegal drugs and had never been arrested before the incident at the hospital. He said he did not take any drugs the night of the incident.

“To me, it felt like they could have looked at me and said, ‘He’s a drug addict.’ I think it was a quick move on their part,” Hollon said. “They didn’t do anything to really find out if I was actually onto anything.”

In body camera footage from that night, an officer can be heard asking Hollon to leave the hospital, counting down from five, then declaring “intrusion” as Hollon continued to sit in a insensitive state.

Hospital workers have medically cleared Hollon to be taken to jail, they can be heard saying in the footage.

Hollon was charged with third degree criminal trespass, according to court records. Hollon can be seen in body camera footage speaking incoherently as police struggled to lift him into the police car.

Hollon was taken to the jail, where he remained for about 12 hours before being released, Purdy said.

When he left prison, Hollon’s father took him to Georgetown Community College, which quickly diagnosed him with heat stroke and sent him to Chandler Hospital at the University of Kentucky for “a higher standard of care,” according to the lawsuit and medical records. provided to LEX 18.

Hollon said he had no recollection of what happened between him leaving his workplace in an ambulance and regaining consciousness in a British hospital.

He then watched the body camera footage of what happened at the Frankfurt Regional Medical Center.

“Extreme anger,” Hollon said of how he felt watching the video. “Afterwards, I started to feel sad that I couldn’t even trust these professionals to help someone who couldn’t speak. I really can’t do anything.

Hollon had to be intubated during his several-day stay in the British hospital, according to the lawsuit and medical records.

As Hollon was taken from the Franklin Regional Medical Center, to the police wagon, to the jail, Purdy said he thought there was some complacency.

“That’s where the system fails,” Purdy said. “There must be double screening of people whether they have a permit, a badge or a set of keys to open a prison door.”

LEX 18 began asking questions at the Frankfurt Regional Medical Center last week about what happened to Hollon.

“We have terminated the employees involved and apologize for the way Mr. Hollon was treated,” the hospital said in a statement Monday. “We have provided additional training to our staff to prevent this from happening again. We are very sorry this happened and we are happy to hear that he is well.

A court date for the lawsuit filed by Hollon and his family has yet to be set, and neither the hospital nor the police department have filed responses to the allegations in the case, according to court records.

Meanwhile, the trespassing charge against Hollon is still active. He has a preliminary hearing in that case on Oct. 4, according to court records.

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