Garda checkpoints in Ireland: Operation sees seven motorists arrested in Dublin city for same offense


Gardai leading a checkpoint operation on Saturday arrested several motorists for the same serious violation.

Seven road users have been arrested for drunk driving in Dublin city center at a checkpoint inspecting motorists for intoxicants.

Among these drivers, three arrested at the same checkpoint also took cocaine.

In a Twitter post, Gardai said: “Seven motorists arrested for drunk driving on Saturday evening in Dublin city center at compulsory intoxicating substance testing checkpoints conducted by area traffic police units from Dublin – including 3 positive single-point cocaine tests. “

Gardai across the country has been busy carrying out checks in recent days.

The operation in the city of Dublin on Saturday.

Thousands of road users were assessed on National Slowdown Day, which took place over a 24-hour period starting at 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Gardai and GoSafe checked the speed of 192,333 vehicles and detected 419 of them exceeding the speed limit.

Some of the speeding tickets detected included:

  • 140km / h in a 120km / h zone on the M4 Towlaght Clonard Meath
  • 135km / h in a 100km / h zone on the N7 Brownsbarn Dublin22 Dublin
  • 134km / h in a 100km / h zone on the N18 Ballinacurra (Weston) Limerick Limerick

  • 128km / h in a 100km / h zone on the N20 Creggane Charleville Limerick

  • 126 km / h in a 100 km / h zone on the N21 Rineroe Adare Limerick

  • 125 km / h in a 100 km / h zone on the N11 Timmore Newcastle Wicklow

  • 124 km / h in a 100 km / h zone on the N21 Meanus Castleisland Kerry

  • 116 km / h in a 80 km / h zone on the M50 Kilmore Big Dublin17 Dublin
  • 114km / h in a 60km / h zone on the N62 Clongower Thurles Tipperary
  • 112 km / h in a 80 km / h zone on the R738 Growtown Upper Barntown Wexford


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