Garda warns people of the dangers of driving under the influence


The Highway Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána have called on drivers to act responsibly and not be tempted to drive drunk on Christmas and New Years.

The Christmas and New Year’s call for road safety was launched on November 25.

The appeal focuses on the dangers of consuming alcohol while under the influence of alcohol and the devastating loss of life and serious injury that can result.

Research published by RSA and An Garda Síochána at the launch showed that over the past five years, there have been 83 deaths and 709 serious injuries between the Christmas and New Years period.

Garda Gráinne Doherty said that over the next six weeks the Christmas and New Year’s road safety campaign will take place. This will involve mandatory checkpoints for intoxicating substance testing which will be carried out in Donegal Divisions for the purpose of detecting motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two.

They will also detect other traffic violations, such as not wearing a seat belt, holding or using a cell phone, and speeding.

“We will also focus on driving accompanied by learner drivers,” said Garda Doherty.

She urged motorists to think about the impact their driving has on people’s lives.

“Drivers are reminded that all drinking and driving offenses result in disqualification and we would like to ask all motorists to consider how a driving ban would affect their daily lives. Some people might not think much about it, but you wouldn’t be able to drive to work, drop your kids off at school, or any other activity that kids usually go to and that’s the best way to go. best case you could lose your license. At worst, you could be responsible for someone’s death or serious injury to someone or yourself and you would leave families devastated in the process, ”she said.

She said statistics show 25 percent of drivers admit to going over the limit the next morning.

“The next morning, it’s a real danger zone for drink driving. There is no hard and fast rule as to when it is safe to drive the next morning. If you’ve been drinking the night before and someone is drinking at home, they may unknowingly drink larger amounts than if they were in a pub or nightclub. They therefore increase the risk of being dangerous for driving the next morning. The key is to take no chances, to take no risks because you could end up losing your license, or worse.

She warned people not to drink under the influence of drugs this holiday season. She urged people who are planning to drink alcohol to arrange a taxi, a designated driver or use public transportation: “Plan your evening,” she said.

She reminded people that the last thing any member of An Garda Síochána wants to do is call any house and deliver bad news during the holiday season.


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