High costs of IML brands open doors for ID liquor and ganja makers


VISAKHAPATNAM: While it is not strange that authorities record cases against the illicit brewing of distilled alcohol (ID) in rural and remote agencies, it is rather strange that such crimes are being committed in the city.

The free availability of intoxicants in residential areas has caused panic among the general public, especially among parents of vulnerable children in school and in school, who can be easy prey.

“We already face a Herculean task to keep our children away from social media platforms, which are as worse than any addiction. Drug availability is nothing short of panic for us,” said Prabhakar, a parent of MVP Colony.

Regular drinkers believe that soaring prices for IML spirits could have fueled the illegal practice of identity alcohol production and smuggling of ganja into the city.

“Although we splurged on wine merchant alcohol, the high did not live up to our expectations. We changed our choices and are now in identification alcohol,” said one fisherman. in Bheemili.

Sources from the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) said the identification liquor manufacturing units were found within the boundaries of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), mainly on the outskirts of the city. SEB officials seized units of identity alcohol in Pendurthi, Bheemili and Gajuwaka circles within GVMC boundaries. During the last raid on the outskirts of Gajuwaka on Friday, around 140 liters of ID and 3,500 liters of FS wash were seized from the unit led by two people.

On condition of anonymity, a senior executive committee official informed Chronicle of the Deccan that not only the preparation of ID alcohols, but even the consumption of ganja have increased due to the exorbitant costs of IML brands.

NOT N Raju, president of the All India Psychiatric Society, said it was not possible to suddenly quit a bad habit, whether it was smoking, drinking or marijuana.

“The government should rationalize the price of IML alcohol and provide for an organized procedure to control drug and alcohol addiction. Drug rehab centers could be of help, ”Raju told DC.

A member of the executive body responsible for liquor policy, on condition of anonymity, admitted that the soaring prices of IML liquor and the availability of substandard liquor in government-run stores were the main causes the proliferation of alcohol identification units and contraband cannabis rackets in the state.

“We have already brought this matter to the attention of Chief Minister YSJagan Mohan Reddy. We will soon take stock of the situation of SEB’s activities and the ganja trade, ”the member told this newspaper.

Vizag city scenario
* From May 16, 2020 to October 28, 2021
– 187 cases of identity alcohol
– 90 ID defendants arrested
– 731 liters of alcohol ID seized
– 30,510 liters of FJ wash destroyed
– 2616 cases against belt magazines
– 55 cases of Ganja recorded
– 105 Ganja accused arrested
– 3615 kgs of ganja seized


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