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The Covid-19 pandemic has not only forced businesses to allow working from home, but has also pushed brands to increase their digital footprint. This digital push was not only aimed at connecting with remote employees, but also reaching consumers. Whether large or small, all companies are now investing in digital technology to directly reach their consumers.

Eye care company Bausch & Lomb had a similar goal in mind when it embarked on its new digital project in 2020, trying to reach its end consumer directly to serve them better.

“In changing times, everyone has switched to e-commerce to pay for orders and get what they want. So in 2020 we started looking for platforms to interact directly with end customers. , we had been connected with the retailers digitally, but we felt the need to connect with the end consumer, to have their database and to help them buy the right products, ”said Kavita Bijlani, CIO, Bausch & Lomb.

Every business generates a huge amount of data every day, with every interaction and transaction in a way we sometimes don’t even recognize – example: a consumer service center. In order to harness it, the first step is to create a platform that can bring all of this data together in one place to help businesses understand it and turn it into an actionable digital backbone; unified data layer.

“That’s when we seized the opportunity to step into the Oracle CX cloud and implement Oracle Responsys. With this solution, we not only collected the database, but we were also able to reach the consumers. We were able to make them aware of the features of our products and the programs that were entering the market. We have worked with Oracle for a long time and that is why we chose Responsys. Because we thought we could easily integrate it into our ERP without having to go through different layers, ”she added.

Oracle ERP is Bausch & Lomb’s main selling software that helped them understand how distributors buy. But Responsys has helped them to know how their consumers buy, their choices and their preferences.

“Until when we went to Responsys, we had a database in Excel but we didn’t have a golden database that could tell us the demographics of our consumers. We had kinds of theories and Excel sheets but we had a good database that could tell us about who our consumers really are, their buying habits, seasonal requests were becoming necessary, ”explained Bijlani.

“Previously, we depended on understanding our consumer base across the channel. But we never had direct access or a direct database that would give us the business intelligence to prepare our next product line. and be responsive to what the market demands of us, ”she added.

This platform gives the company the opportunity to understand its consumer and purchasing behavior through first-hand information. It would also help them understand how consumers react to the products and what the company can work on with their reviews.

“We reach over 10,000 retail stores, most of which are sole proprietorships that have been under a lot of stress. As an industry leader, we have taken it upon ourselves to connect these businesses to consumers online – bringing together their strength of individual attention and our core competency of connecting with consumers on a large scale. What we are looking forward to from this consumer database is that it will help us analyze behavior, purchasing habits, help us to know our consumers better, ”she concluded.

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