Illegal drugs found at direct Midlands supply center

An Afghan asylum seeker told Tullamore District Court that it was normal to smoke cannabis in his country.

Aryan Habibi, 24, lived in the direct supply center of Marian Hostel, High Street, Tullamore on April 30, where four bags of amphetamines were found.

The man was also found with € 240 worth of cannabis resin on Offaly Street in Tullamore on March 25.

He pleaded guilty to two drug charges and another public order offense at Dolan’s store, Clara Road, on April 30.

Giving details of the offense on Offaly Street, Sergeant James O’Sullivan said when the guards were on patrol there they saw a man trying to throw something.

During a search, they found € 240 worth of cannabis in a sealed bag above a door divided into segments.

Mr. Habibi was arrested and confessed to possessing the drugs for sale or supply.

Sergeant O’Sullivan also said that on April 30, the accused entered Dolan’s gala accompanied by a friend who was not wearing a mask.

When the owner approached and asked the second man to leave the store until he got a face mask, the accused began to argue and turned to Mr. Dolan in a threatening manner , but did not make contact.

The address of the accused at the Marian Hostel was searched and 120 € of amphetamines were found there.

Mr Farrelly said his client had no previous convictions. He had a difficult experience coming from his country via Pakistan then France to Ireland.

He left his family behind and some of his siblings remained stranded in France. After moving to Ireland, he got a job for a short time at AES and then moved in as a result of his troubles and troubles.

Mr. Habibi had previously pleaded guilty and a restorative justice report had been prepared for him prior to sentencing.

Judge Staines said she sympathized with the accused, but that he had committed very serious offenses in Ireland.

Although the man’s English was found to be reasonable, he was assisted in court by an interpreter when asked by Judge Staines whether he understood the seriousness of the offenses.

Mr Habibi said smoking cannabis would be normal in his own country and the drugs found were for his own use.

Judge Staines said he pleaded guilty to selling drugs and sorted them into different bags.

Mr Farrelly said his client took a “pragmatic” approach by pleading guilty to having the drugs to sell or to provide to sort out all the problems and put the case behind him.

After reading the restorative justice report, Judge Staines said there had been a lot of trouble getting in touch with the accused and the service intended to contact him by phone with a new appointment. .

She told the accused that it was very important for him to keep all his appointments as he could go to jail for two years.

She again postponed the sentencing until December 8 and warned Mr. Habibi that he must cooperate with the restorative justice service and respect all his appointments.

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