Infections Decline, But Covid Effect Remains: Financial and Mental Problems Increase Suicide Rate | Bhopal News


Bhopal: Two waves of Covid-19 have damaged people’s lives. Many have lost close family members while others have suffered business losses, lost their jobs or suffered wage cuts; all of these factors have had a huge impact on people’s way of life and mental peace.
According to police data, 485 suicide cases were reported in the city in 2020 – almost 18% more than the suicide cases reported in 2019, when 412 suicides were reported. The figure continues to increase this year; 324 cases of suicide have already been reported until September 15.
In a recently reported poignant incident in Misrod, an unemployed 56-year-old civil engineer and his wife consumed poison in their apartment in Sahara Estate Colony. The engineer then slaughtered their 16-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter with an electric floor tile cutting machine while they slept. Police recovered a suicide note written by the deceased, in which he stated that he had lost his job in the second wave of Covid-19 and that he could not even pay his children’s school fees in over the past two years.
In another case, a 35-year-old man slit his throat with a kitchen knife in Jehangirabad on September 1, after family members, including his wife and sister, tried to advise him to seek a use. The deceased worked in an ice cream factory and lost his job after the Corona curfew.
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Satyakant Trivedi said there is an immediate need to formulate and implement a suicide prevention policy. There are three main causes that trigger suicidal thoughts in people – mental or psychological causes, financial causes, and social causes. Emphasis should be placed on these factors if we are to prevent suicides. People post Covid-19 go through various traumas, as some have lost their loved ones, some have lost their jobs, some have lost their businesses and are going through a financial crisis.
He said, for suicide prevention, people should be told not to give up hope in any situation and hard times will pass. “Talk to your near and dear ones. Take professional help from counselors if needed. If people are going through financial problems, they should seek help. If you have a sleep disorder or depression, never take intoxicants as a remedy, ”he added.
Dr Trivedi said people should always look for warning signs in their loved ones. Vulnerable people include people who are isolated, those whose financial situation has suddenly changed, those with chronic illness / pain, those who have lost close family members and also those with a history of self-harm. Suicide is preventable.



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