Jon Jones explains why some peers don’t see him as the goatee

Jon Jones has shared his theory on why some people don’t consider him the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

If there’s a classic debate about who the greatest mixed martial artist of all time is, you can be sure Jon Jones’ name will pop up somewhere in the discussion. Whether it’s putting him at the top of the list, explaining why another candidate is passing him off, or even explaining why he should be ruled out altogether due to past drug test failures, it’s almost inevitable that Jones will mention him. not.

Jones himself has never been shy about placing himself at the top of the GOAT list. And he also argued that he had been vindicated for each of his drug test issues, in reference to independent adjudication saying he never intentionally cheated or gained an unfair advantage over his opponents.

Jon Jones cites jealousy as main reason for rejection of GOAT

Regardless of the arguments presented for and by Jones, there remains the sect of the MMA community that continually disqualifies him or simply denies him GOAT status. In a Posting on Twitter released Friday morning, Jones gave a reason why he thinks some of his peers belong to this group.

“It’s hard to see someone you think is better than doing such big things. Sit on that,” Jones posted in response to a fan who asked why some didn’t want him to be. the GOAT.

While the message was indeed directed at some of his fellow fighters who think they are “better” than him competitively, he could just as easily be referring to anyone who thinks they are “better” than him. in the general sense.

Jones has had his fair share of criticism over his long career, with the number increasing with each malfeasance that has placed his personal life under continuous scrutiny. Nonetheless, as an athlete, Jones’ accomplishments are hard to ignore.

Jones remains the youngest UFC champion in history, a record that has stood for 11 years, and he is easily the most dominant light heavyweight champion of all time with 11 successful title defenses.

Additionally, Jones has never lost a fight by decision, TKO or submission, with the only blemish on his record being against Matt Hamill in 2009 via a highly controversial disqualification.

Jon Jones’ MMA career isn’t over yet, however. He is expected to make his heavyweight division debut before the end of the year, with his stated preference as an opponent being consensus heavyweight GOAT: Stipe Miocic.

Do you believe Jon Jones is the MMA GOAT?

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