Leading Canadian Brand of SoPure ™ Disinfectants Expands Into the United States


SoPure â„¢ offers a variety of high quality sanitizers and disinfectants.

Canadian disinfectant manufacturer EnviroServe Chemicals & Cleaners Ltd. announced today that it will accelerate the expansion of its leading disinfectant brand, SoPure â„¢, in the United States. SoPure â„¢ disinfectants and dispersants are designed not only to provide individuals and businesses with highly effective tools against germs and viruses, but also an optimal user experience.

“One of the few bright spots to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic is that people have started to use hand sanitizers routinely,” said co-founder Tamar Matossian. “This has played an important role in reducing the transmissibility and prevalence of a multitude of serious illnesses like influenza and it would be a shame if it stopped as concerns about COVID-19 abate. For the usual disinfection to last, however, disinfection can’t seem like a chore. We have worked hard to make disinfection enjoyable for Canadians, and we look forward to doing the same for our friends to the south.

“Our SoPure â„¢ sanitizer makes your hands feel good – there is no glue, sticky or residue, and there is never a need to wipe off,” continued Matossian. “Unlike other disinfectants that leave skin dry and smell like alcohol, SoPure’s â„¢ disinfectant doubles as a vitamin E-enriched moisturizer and comes in 4 subtle and pleasant scents: Lavender, Honeysuckle, Energy and Fragrance Free. With 80% ethyl alcohol, it allows you to stay safe and have peace of mind!

SoPure â„¢ can be found in hospitals, schools, offices, manufacturing plants and countless other institutions, businesses and homes across Canada. EnviroServe sells a wide range of innovative dispensers and dispersing devices that make the use of SoPure â„¢ convenient and efficient for everyone, from busy moms on the go to hospitals or large industrial factories.

About SoPure

The original SoPure â„¢ formula was first developed in the midst of the 2003 SARS pandemic by EnviroServe co-founders in Toronto, Tamar and Arthur Matossian. They wanted to keep their two young daughters safe, but couldn’t find a disinfectant that didn’t leave their skin itchy or dry. Arthur, a chemist, set to work to come up with a formula to solve the problem. The result was so good that they decided to make a deal. Today, with 2 decades of research and development, consumer feedback and the growth of word of mouth, SoPure â„¢ has become one of the most trusted and popular disinfectants in Canada.

For more information on SoPure â„¢, visit SoPureProductsInc.com.

For more information on using SoPure â„¢ in your workplace or to become a distribution or retail partner, contact Tamar Matossian using the information below:


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Company Name: EnviroServe Chemicals and Cleaners Ltée.
Contact person: Tamar Matossian
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +1 (647) 222 9630
Country: Canada
Website: https://www.sopureproductsinc.com/?utm_medium=brandfeatured&utm_source=article&utm_campaign=sopure

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