League of Legends champion arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking


Toyz is standing in a parking lot near a green field.

In this YouTube video, Toyz detailed and improved a number of expensive cars.
Screenshot: Toyz | Youtube

Kurtis Lau Wai-kin, better known as “Toyz, was arrested in Taipei on suspicion of trafficking in marijuana. In Taiwan, marijuana is a Class 2 illegal drug, and it carries a severe prison sentence and heavy fines.

While marijuana can be considered a “soft” drug in the United States, in Taiwan, its classified next amphetamines and opium. The national law on the prevention of risks linked to narcotics States what follows:

Those found guilty of possession with intent to sell Category 2 narcotics will face a minimum prison term of five years and a fine of up to NT $ 5 million.

Five million New Taiwan dollars is US $ 179,691.

According to Taiwan English News, Wai-kin was taken into custody on Tuesday and tested for drugs. At the time of writing, the results had not yet been released. He was detained on suspicion of trafficking marijuana and the police have asked the courts to keep him in detention longer for further questioning.

The arrest was confirmed by various sites In the region. He also made evening headlines in Taiwan, including this report on the arrest, who used footage of Wai-kin eating.

A presenter wearing a pink jacket and mask presents a segment about Toyz's arrest.

Toyz’s arrest made the news in Taiwan.
Screenshot: 台 視 新聞 TTV NEWS | Youtube

The chief prosecutor of the Taichung District Attorney’s Office said that an arrest warrant had been issued for Wai-kin. Police look for his home, where marijuana was found. Authorities are advancing their case, alleging that the former gaming pro intended to sell the illegal drugs.

Like a League of Legends pro, Wai-kin has made a name for himself as a midfielderlaner for the Taipei assassin, and won the World Championship in Season 2. Now 29, he retired from the game in 2015 but coached until 2019. More recently he has reinvented himself online as as an influencer. He blogs, broadcasts and posts cooking videos on YouTube, where he has nearly 700,000 subscribers.


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