Letter to the Editor: Skeptical of “pitch men” | Letters

It used to be that demagogues in America were mostly found at carnivals, in side shows, or in markets, selling patent medicines as a panacea. If the alcohol content wasn’t enough to make the sale, the pitcher was the closest and the real intoxicant.

“Who will buy this wonderful feeling?” The call has gone out. Crowds gathered. Volunteers came on stage.

Radio and TV advertisers, then social media influencers got in on the act. They sold Carter’s Little Pills to protect your liver and Geritol Tonic to put “iron” in your step.

By coming forward, influencers then sold us “the way things should be”, and we took up their grievances, real or imagined, even shouting threats against a vice president. must be true because of “this wonderful feeling”.

I was skeptical of field men in the 1950s and still am. People who “promise you a rose garden” often argue over who sits to the right of a celebrity. Likewise, they disguise the thorns you get stuck with when picking them.

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