Loans, the preferred way for Sabadell to sign

Do not spend big and have the economy very controlled. This is Sabadell’s maxim and what has worked for him in recent years and what has brought him back to professional football. And this season, in the second division, he is not going to deviate. We have full confidence in Harlequin’s sporting director, José Manzanera, and no one in the club doubts he will form a squad so that Antonio Hidalgo can compete with guarantees. For the moment, there is only one discharge, that of Victor Garcia (loan from Valladolid), but renewing most of the players who sealed the promotion no need to perform many movements. Only those necessary for the realization of a template and there, the route favored by the Harlequin entity are the assignments.

Shield / Flag Sabadell

Having young players looking to upgrade and show off has worked for Sabadell in recent years and Manzanera has not shied away from knocking on the door of Primera clubs to see which players are ready to let out in this summer market. For now, Víctor García has already arrived from Valladolid, but conversations with entities such as Athletic, Villarreal, Barcelona and Valencia are constant. Sabadell has become a very attractive destination for any player looking to make the jump to the second division and that’s what Harlequin president Esteve Calzada told AS: “We know that there are a lot of footballers who want to come to Sabadell because we are a historic club, with a large stadium, a good structure and a coach who plays attractive and attacking football. We are a very good club. “Of course, not all desired operations can be closed because the economic factor is important and the entity is still waiting to know its salary limit for the season.

The idea of ​​Sabadell is to realize, at least, four reinforcements and also contacted the teams that have just been promoted to premiere Cadiz and Huesca. Precisely, from the Cadiz group David Querol, who is waiting to terminate his contract, is on the agenda and there is a player from Huesca who has been offered as Joaquin Muñoz. He plays on the left wing and despite belonging to Huesca, this past year from the winter market he was on loan at Mirandés.

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