Lurgan man who exposed buttocks and testicles received suspended sentence – Armagh I


A man from Lurgan who exposed his “butt and testicles” to police and the public has been given a suspended prison term.

The 34-year-old’s lawyer told the court that his client had consumed alcohol to “celebrate / heal himself” which led to these offenses.

Jason Joseph Creaney of Victoria Place on Thursday pleaded guilty to indecent behavior, disorderly behavior, assaulting police and criminal damages at Craigavon ​​Magistrates’ Court.

The prosecution said that on July 31 at around 12:40 am, police on patrol in the West Street area of ​​Portadown saw the accused walking in the middle of the road.

He then turned his back on police and members of the public, before lowering his sweatpants and pants to his ankles, exposing his butt and testicles.

When the police spoke to him, Creaney became agitated refusing to provide his contact details to the police, but they were able to verify them quickly.

He was arrested and placed in the back of a police vehicle. He continued to be aggressive, shouting phrases such as “fuck rat” and “w **** r” at officers.

On his way to Lurgan Police Station, Creaney spat in the back of an officer’s head and into the window of the vehicle.

When questioned, the accused made no admission of offenses.

District Judge Bernie Kelly said Creaney’s file appeared to be littered with a “string of intoxicants.”

Defense lawyer David McKeown said his client had “serious health problems”.

He commented that in order to “celebrate / heal himself” Creaney had decided to drink alcohol, but now realized that was a foolish decision.

District Judge Kelly said, “There is a fine line between someone who is having difficulty with your client but who insists on breaking medical advice and behaving in this manner accordingly.

“There will come a time if he doesn’t do something about it where he’ll end up in custody anyway.”

Addressing the accused, she said: “Your behavior on this occasion was reprehensible. It is not a way to behave. You seem to have a problem and your record seems to confirm it in terms of intoxication. “

Creaney was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for two years.

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