Mountlake Terrace woman arrested for fatal collision with motorcyclist in Everett

The fatal collision happened in the 11100 block of Evergreen Way in Everett on Friday, May 20. The arrested woman was driving south in the middle turn lane of Evergreen Way and turning left into BECU when she turned her car into the path of the northbound motorcycle and caused the collision. (The pin on the map indicates the location of the bank itself, not the collision.)

Mountlake Terrace resident Desiree Morin, 49, was arrested following a fatal collision with a motorcyclist in the 11100 block of Evergreen Way in Everett last week.

According to probable cause documents filed in Snohomish County Superior Court, Everett police were dispatched to the collision shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20. They observed that Morin’s Honda Accord sedan had significant front end damage and was partially in the oncoming lane heading north from Evergreen Way. A heavily damaged motorcycle lay nearby in the northbound lanes and further north its driver was on the street, bleeding profusely.

The police report noted that it appeared the Accord was traveling south in the middle turn lane and making a left turn into BECU, when it entered the path of the motorcycle towards from the north, causing the collision and the ejection and throwing of the motorcyclist. further north. The motorcyclist had priority.

A male occupant of the Accord initially told police he was the driver, and Morin identified herself as the passenger in the car during the collision.

However, police observed that the driver’s seat of the car was pulled very far forward and there was a cushion as if a smaller person was sitting in the seat and needed to be closer to the steering wheel of the vehicle. and higher. The Accord’s passenger seat was further back and had more leg room than the driver’s seat, as if a taller person had been seated there.

Police noted that Morin is 5ft 3in and the male occupant of the vehicle is 5ft 7in, leading them to believe that due to the seating positions he would not have been able to sit in the driver’s seat. Additionally, he had a right shoulder injury which they believe was inconsistent with a driver’s injury and more consistent with a passenger side injury. Police suspected that this injury was sustained by his shoulder hitting the B-pillar on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Asked about their claims about who was driving and who was the passenger, Morin and the other occupant recanted and admitted that she was the driver of the car.

Morin was observed to be “very nervous and very energetic”, which police have recognized as behaviors consistent with drug use. During the ensuing field sobriety tests, she had difficulty judging the passage of time. Morin first took 42 seconds to estimate the 30 second pass, then less than 20 seconds to estimate the pass time on his second attempt.

Police noted that time dilation is consistent with drug intoxication and also observed that his pupils were slightly constricted and unresponsive to the flashing of their flashlight – also consistent with intoxication.

Morin finally admitted that she had taken a dose of methamphetamine earlier in the morning, which she says was due to pressure from an ex-boyfriend.

Based on the evidence, including his confession and demeanor, police determined there was reason to believe that Morin was driving the Accord at the time of the collision and was under the influence of intoxicants. Additionally, they believed that his ability to drive a vehicle was impaired due to his admitted methamphetamine use.

Witnesses to the collision reported that the motorcyclist was not accelerating excessively or driving recklessly. The road surface at the time of the collision was clear and the weather and road surface were dry. This particular stretch of Evergreen Way is flat with unobstructed visibility for a sight distance of over two miles and the area is lit with high beams in addition to lighted businesses.

Police determined there was reason to believe Morin caused the collision based on the fact that his vehicle had pulled into the path of the motorcycle which was not traveling recklessly on a road with a clear view. And they believed his drug impairment was a contributing factor to the crash.

Morin was placed under arrest for impaired driving and a subsequent search revealed she was in possession of a meth pipe and small plastic bags.

She later stated that she did not see the driver of the motorcycle until the vehicle was on top of her.

Police were later informed that the motorcyclist had died of injuries sustained in the collision, including a head injury and a brain haemorrhage. They determined that there was probable cause to also arrest Morin for homicide while driving while under the influence of intoxicants, which is a Class A felony. She was later transported and incarcerated at Snohomish County Jail. His bail was set Monday at $50,000.

On Tuesday, the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office completed its examination and confirmed the identification of the 34-year-old motorcyclist who was killed in the crash. He is not named out of respect for the family and his cause of death was blunt force injury.

— By Nathan Blackwell

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