NDLEA offers drug test to prospective couples in Jigawa


Others to be tested for drugs include job seekers as well as those who aspire to political office.

Gambo said the measure was aimed at controlling drug abuse among residents of the state, in order to reduce the threat to an absolute minimum, describing the prevalence rate in Nigeria as “disturbing,” compared to the world average.

According to her, the 2018 UNODC / Ministry of Health survey indicated that 14.3 million Nigerians, aged 25 to 64, were engaged in drug abuse in the country.

“The World Drug Report ranked Nigeria as the leading country in cannabis abuse. And these statistics should worry Nigerians.

“In addition, more than 2,000 tons of hard drugs worth 90 billion naira were seized in the country in 10 months. Last month, more than 200 people were arrested, including 49 women.

“Girls, mostly in high schools, have drug nights, even here in Jigawa state.

“Therefore, the NDLEA is seeking government support in subjecting residents to drug testing when making arrangements for marriage, admission, employment and, most importantly, those who aspire to drug tests. political posts “, she said.

The commander said the AMA was inaugurated in June 2021 by the agency’s president, the brigadier-general. Buba Marwa (retired), aimed at eliminating drug abuse and trafficking in the country.

“Following the inauguration of WADA’s nationwide program, the initiative aims to eradicate drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria, hence the need to replicate it in the Emirate of Gumel.

“The reason why you are bringing together very important dignitaries today, especially traditional institutions, is because you are the keepers of tradition, the spokesperson and the ear of your different communities.

“Therefore, I want WADA’s message to go down to the grassroots.

“The reason this message has to reach every nook and cranny of Jigawa is that in every community and every home there is the problem of drug addiction.

“And since we are all sitting here today, everyone is affected directly or indirectly.

“Directly in the sense that if you don’t use or sell these prohibited drugs, a family member may be involved.

“Indirectly in the sense that as a member of the community, if your neighbor is involved, you are also involved and this affects the community as a whole,” she said.

The commander said the threat of drug abuse prompted the agency to launch an AMA campaign in communities across the country to raise awareness of the harms of drug abuse.

Gambo added: “If every member of society gets involved in this fight against drug abuse and trafficking, by the grace of God, we can drastically reduce it to the bare minimum.

Globally, there has been a strategic shift in the war on illicit drugs, she said, noting that the new strategy calls for more community engagement, hence the massive advocacy deployed by the NDLEA.

Gambo said the agency had succeeded in bringing the themes of combating drug abuse and trafficking to mainstream and social media.

She said the agency had opened the door to partnering with NGOs, ministries of health and state governments, adding that it had also made a valid advocacy for the establishment of drug control committees in communities across the country. the country.

“Overall, prevention remains the best panacea to the illicit drug nightmare.

“We therefore implore parents, teachers, traditional institutions and faith-based organizations to strengthen anti-drug attitudes and build the resilience of young people and vulnerable members of our population.

“In prevention, drug organizations rely on the cooperation of society.

“The fight against illicit drugs is the people’s fight and the miles can only be covered when society takes ownership of the fight and provides the necessary support to the NDLEA.

“It is not too difficult to reduce this failure to decisively tackle the scourge that has sparked an epidemic of drug addiction in the years to come,” she said.

The commander therefore called on well-meaning individuals from across the state to join the agency in making it drug-free.

In his speech, the emir of Gumel, Alhaji Ahmad Muhammad Sani, thanked the agency for launching WADA’s program in the region.

Sani also praised the NDLEA and the state government for their efforts in combating drug addiction.

He urged parents to ensure that they properly educate their children in both Western and Islamic education for a better future.

The emir advised state security agents to perform their duties in fear of God and in accordance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Muhammad reiterated his council’s commitment to educate the public about the dangers associated with drug abuse.


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