“Need help with a nuisance property!”

“Dear Popville,

We are short of wits in the face of harmful property. For the past two years, we have tried first to be among neighbors and also to deal with the owner, but to no avail. In fact, the landlord and tenants asked us to “stop bothering them”.

The problems:

– Illegal drug use by tenants with several minor children and infants around
– Distribution and sale of illegal drugs between 9 a.m. and 3 a.m., causing
– Increased foot and car traffic – side of house, back of house, corner of house.
– A raging pit bull they allow to pee and poop anywhere – you can smell their house from 20 feet away
– Sanitation issues with bin bags piling up in the garden, sitting for over a week at a time while rats and birds scatter the rubbish. We now have rats that have chewed through our fence and chewed through another neighbor’s car wiring.
– Noise issues – loud music, shouting and shouting at all times of the day and night, shouting at the side and back of the house at 1am-4am from people yelling for us let in
– More recently, tenants ride an unlicensed and very noisy dirt bike in the alley, on the sidewalk and in the streets

What was done:
– We informed the owner of the property and he dismissed our concerns, specifically asked me not to talk to the police and asked us to mind our own business
– We tried to speak directly with the tenants and the woman who lives there told us to “stop harassing her”
– Neighbors complained to 311, 911 and directly to the Fourth Ward police
– We have met with our ANC commissioner and Janeese Lewis George and neither seem to care and/or follow up. We have many unanswered emails to constituent services
– We have many unanswered inquiries in Mayor Bowser’s office
– We organized a local neighborhood meeting
– We have written several times to the Attorney General’s Office and have never received a response

Can you help us?
We need to speak to a DC Housing Authority investigator, someone from the OAG office, or a private attorney who specializes in harmful properties. It’s been impossible to find anyone in the DC government who seems to care.

Ed. Note: If you are or know someone who can help you, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP.

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