No buses or traffic on the Kenedy chowk-Annadale roads, cars must be driven on an alternate route

Shimla, 30th May District (UNI) Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner Shimla Aditya Negi said that in view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit on 31st May, buses and vehicles would not be operating on Annadale until Kennedy Check via Galen Kumarhouse Road from 07:00 to 14:00 for all types of vehicles.

He said residents of Kaithu who use small vehicles would travel from Annadale via Kaithu via the police line. He said that before entering the public at the rally site, he should take out his phone, purse and other items from his pocket. Lighters, matchboxes and cigarettes would be checked for security reasons.

He said each person should only enter through the DFMD gate, their bag, purse would be security checked and checked by the security guard. It is forbidden to bring water bottle, tiffin, carrying bag, black cloth and other heavy objects inside, there will be a video recording of each person entering. People must remove their masks when entering, cameras and other electronic equipment are prohibited, one must take responsibility for one’s own bag and other belongings and entry of prohibited persons who have consumed alcohol and other intoxicants. The above decision was taken from a security point of view under the arrival of the Prime Minister.


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