Officers target suspected major drug operation in Pompano Beach – NBC 6 South Florida


Law enforcement decided on Wednesday to cover up what sources are calling a major drug operation that has continued despite its alleged leader being behind bars.

The arrests made by federal agents as well as Broward’s deputies were for drugs and money fueling the suspected drug ring that supplied illegal narcotics to part of Broward County.

NBC 6 cameras captured a man and woman in handcuffs outside a restaurant, hair salon and clothing store on East McNab Road in Pompano Beach. NBC 6 also saw agents working in the dark at a residence about a mile away. The Department of Homeland Security confirmed the search warrants where important drugs and money were found.

Wednesday marks the second time this year that NBC 6 has visited the same location in Pompano Beach. In February, Louis Younglove was arrested for drug trafficking and was described as leading a major narcotics operation in Broward.

“It wasn’t like your average street vendor who might sell a few bags of cocaine next door. It was a systematic operation to distribute a lot of narcotics. He had a lot of money,” said BSO Lt. Andrea Tianga. in return. February. “It wasn’t normal for your average street sale. It was a huge operation.”

Younglove had narcotics ready to sell and nearly $ 500,000 in cash in his room, BSO said. The federal government resumed the charge and pleaded not guilty.

All those arrested will appear before a federal magistrate on Thursday, where they will have the opportunity to present their arguments.

Pompano Beach restaurant owner Louis Younglove Sr. faces charges after authorities said he was leading a major drug trafficking operation. NBC 6’s Willard Shepard reports


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